Haunted Woods Plot Prizes

0. Prologue Guide
1. The Burnt Out House
2. The Damp Caves
3. The Woodland Maze
4. The Caretaker's Books
5. The Dreaded Graveyard
6. Back to the Graves
7. Mixing the Potion
8. Composites
9. The Asylum
Plot Location
Battledome Opponents
Possible Characters
More Possible Characters
Comics: Prologue 1 - Prologue 2 - Prologue 3 - Comics on Neopets

If you participated in the Tale of Woe Plot , your prizes are available for collection! Sophie seems to have gotten stuck handing them out. Here's what you get.

One of Seven Trophies:

Swamp Slorg

Asylum Inmate

Vine Weaver

Meepit Wrangler

Neovian Citizen

Master Chemist

Honorary Mayor of Neovia


Don't forget to check me off your list!

A Theme!

See our sidebars article for the whole thing!

Prize Shop

A Prize Shop is also being run by Sophie in which everyone can spend their plot points! The prizes available from the shop are as follows:

Thanks to Vivi for finding trophy images!

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