Haunted Woods Plot Solutions - Part 8 - Composites

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61. Head over to Sophie's Shack to read some text. Erm, yes, she talks to herself. Anyway, you'll be heading to her lab.


62. Click on the door to get to Sophie's Lab (Broken link for users not at this part currently).

For 'level one', you have the following ingredients:

Leafy Slorgblossom


Baggus Pulp

Sophie might ask for this, and will do the same for the rest of this part.

The best way to explain is via an example :)
Quantity: 4 grams Relevant property: Power Target value: +56 +/- 5

Relevant property: Power means that we'll be focusing on power - you will receive something different!

Click on 'Open Basic Ingredients cabinet' and click any ingredient. Type in the number of grams - in this example, 4 - and click, 'Take basic ingredient'.

You can Burn, Crush, Soak, or Desiccate ingredients. Performing any one of these actions on an ingredient will increase its relevant property. Note that the longer the duration of each action, the more of the property the ingredient contains. You can perform multiple actions on multiple ingredients.

The ingredient's property needs to be within the target. Here, it can either be 5 more or 5 less than 56, meaning the target can be anywhere between 51 and 61, hence the power has to be between 51 and 61. Once completed, click on 'Create new composite'.

We've given it the correct quantity, and it's in the correct range, so click 'Throw it all in the cauldron and see what happens!'!

You get this (rather hilarious!) message:

Sophie: That seems to have worked out. I'll have to try it on something... and Bruno's not around.

Meowclops: Mew?

Sophie: Excellent.

Sophie: Note to self: The smell of burning Meowclops hair is to be avoided at all costs.

Meowclops: Mew.

63. For 'level 2', you get the following ingredients:

Leafy Slorgblossom


Baggus Pulp


Remember that this is an example! Sophie could ask for something similar to this:

Composite #1:
Quantity: 17 grams
Relevant property: Divination
Target value: +43 +/- 5
Composite #2:
Quantity: 25 grams
Relevant property: Enchantment
Target value: +86 +/- 5

Composite 2 cannot contain more than 10 grams of any one basic ingredient.

Make both at the same time :)

For Composite #1, I need to take out 10 grams of one ingredient - we'll use Slorgblossom - and then 7 of that same ingredient. I'd also want to take out 10 of another, for Composite 2 - we'll say Bumroot. REMEMBER THAT ALL OF YOUR NUMBERS WILL BE DIFFERENT!

I need to get my Slorgblossom's Divination between 38 and 48, whilst also working on my different are were met, I'd click 'Create new composite' under one of the Slorgblossoms, and 'Create new composite' underneath the Bumroot.

I now have two ingredient slots free, so I'd want to take out any ingredient except for Bumroot, in 10g (we'll use Sharpgrass) and then 5g of a totally new ingredient (we'll use Baguss Pulp). Why? Because, as you can see, Sophie has asked that the second composite cannot contain more than 10 grams of any of the basic ingredients. I have 10g of Bumroot out already, so I need two more ingredients to make up the 25g. See?

Oh, and you'll realise my first composite is only 10 grams of Slorgblossom. We need to combine'combine' under the 7 grams one.

Combining ingredients increases the number of grams of the composite, but any relevant properties will end up being the average of the composite and the thing you're combining!

For example, if my composite had a divination of 30, but the ingredient I was combining it with had a divination of 80, the resulting composition would have a divination of 55 (30+80/2 - there are two numbers that you're dealing with).

If you don't feel comfortable using averages or formulae, make sure your relevant properties are in the correct range of numbers before combining.

In addition, I'll need to combine the two new ingredients - here, I've used Sharpgrass and Baguss Pulp - with composite 2, to make up the correct amount required.

Once you are certain that the requirements have been met, click on 'Throw it all in the cauldron and see what happens!' again!

I think the ingredients are correct. Now let's make sure it works.
I'm glad you're back to normal. Time for dinner!
That's definitely not right. Although if everyone in Neovia had an extra Bearog head... nah.
Stop fighting, you two, or I'll turn this shack right around!
64. YAY! Another level. Hahaha. You now gain:

Bloodfern Loam

Crushed Jurpleberries
Sophie may ask for:
Composite #1:
Special: Spectral Essence
Quantity: 25 grams
Composite #2:
Quantity: 12 grams
Relevant property: Enchantment
Target value: +80 +/- 3
Relevant property: Divination
Target value: +81 +/- 3

Composite 2 cannot contain more than 5 grams of any one basic ingredient.

Composite #2 is similar to the one you did in the level two, but, this time, you'd have 5 grams of 4 different ingredients; got it?

65. Thanks to the following dialogue, we now know the Spectral Essence ingredients.


Hmm... I think this one's gonna end up being a lot more complicated. Let's just see if I can remember how to make that one composite... I think it had Bloodfern Loam and Leafy Slorgblossom, but I can't remember which property it needed...

You then need to get: 20g Bloodfern Loam, Crushed; Soaked 5g Leafy Slorgblossom, Crushed, Soaked and Dessicated.

Sophie: Okay, third try. This one will work, I'm sure of it. Now, to test...

Meowclops: Mew?

Sophie: Ah, you again. Here, clopsey...

Sophie: Uh-oh.

Dr. Meowsloth: You fool! You'll pay for this treachery! I, Dr. Sloth, will bring your ruin down upon you!

Sophie: I really hope this wears off soon.

66. 4. You now have to look for the this:
Composite #1
Special: Anti-Gravitic Goo
Quantity: 10 grams
Composite #2
Special: Spectral Essence
Quantity: 23 grams
Relevant property: Conjuring
Target value: +267 +/- 2
Composite #3
Quantity: 12 grams
Relevant property: Divination
Target value: +73 +/- 3
Relevant property: Enchantment
Target value: +110 +/- 5

Remember than #3 and #2 are different for everyone :)

67. The formula for Anti-Gravitic Goo:
4g Babaa Wool - Burned and Crushed to max
3g Crushed Jurpleberries - Burned and Crushed to max
3g Bagguss Pulp - Burned and Crushed to max

You then get:

Sophie: Please, please, let this one work properly.

Meowclops: Mew?

Sophie: You're just a glutton for punishment, aren't you?

Sophie: Okay, now that just doesn't even make sense.

Meowclops: Emw.

68. You now have new ingrediants. Remember that your data below could be different.

Composite #1:
Special: Ice Plasma
OR Psionic Singularity
OR Platinum Mist
Quantity: 10 grams
Composite #2:
Special: Anti-Gravitic Goo
Quantity: 10 grams
Relevant property: Enchantment
Target value: -406 +/- 2
Relevant property: Power
Target value: +151 +/- 2
Composite #3:
Quantity: 5 grams
Relevant property: Conjuring
Target value: +300 +/- 1
Relevant property: Divination
Target value: +300 +/- 1

The formula for the Ice Plasma is: (all maximum):
1g Nova Essence - Burn, Crushed
1g Bumroot - Burn, Crushed
1g Sharpgrass - Burn, Crushed
7g Sharpgrass - No Action

The formula for the Anti-Gravitic Goo is: (all maximum):
4g Babaa Wool - Crushed
2g Bagguss Pulp - Crushed, Burned, Soaked, Dessicated
2g Crushed Jurpleberries - Burn, Crushed, Soaked
2g Crushed Jurpleberries - Crushed, Soaked

The formula for the Platinum Mist is: (all maximum):
1g Sharpgrass - No Action
1g Madvine Root - No Action
8g Bronze Sansam - Burned, Crushed, Soaked, Dessicated

The formula for the Psionic Singularity is:
8g Nova Essence - No Action
2g Madvine Root - Dessicated for 2 seconds
When making the Psionic Singularity, make sure the Nova Essence is added in first.

If this one's not safe, then I don't know what I'll do...

Thanks for all your support, little guy. Down the hatch...

are fantastic guides to use!

Next, move on to Part 9!

Written by Samuel
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