Haunted Woods Plot Solutions - Part 7 - Mixing the Potion

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55. Go to Sophie's Shack.

56. After reading the conversation, you will be able to click each ingredient to add it to the potion. You will be looking to make the potion turn certain colors (we will call this the Color Sequence from now on!).

The color sequence is as follows:
(The potion begins as Default Red)

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Purple
  4. Grey
  5. Pink
  6. Rainbow
  7. Green swirl
  8. Sparkly purple
  9. Red and silver

57. Use the process of elimination to find which ingredients make the correct color. Here's a good strategy to use for the whole potion mixing step (your correct/incorrect ingredients will be different):

  1. You begin with a red potion. You need to find the ingredient that will first turn it green. Add bumroot. If it does not turn green, then you should mark down that bumroot is not your first ingredient. If it does, mark down Bumroot for #1 and skip step b and c.
  2. If it didn't turn green, choose random ingredients until the potion turns to sludge, starting with plain red potion. You can do this as many times as you need to get your combos right.
  3. Click to add Leafy Slorgblossom. If it does not turn green, mark down that it is the wrong ingredient for #1, then repeat steps b and c with crushed jurple berries. If it turns green then you know that that is your first ingredient. Write that down.
  4. Now that your potion is green, you want to make it blue. Start by adding Bumroot again.
  5. If it turns blue, great! Mark it down as the correct ingredient for #2 (Skip steps F and G). If it turns to a different color, mark it down as wrong.
  6. Reset the potion to default by turning it to sludge again. Add the ingredient needed to turn it to green. After it is turned to green, try adding leafy slorgblossom. If it turns blue, that is your ingredient for #2 (skip step G). If it does not, mark it down as incorrect.
  7. Reset the potion once again, and add crushed jurple berries. It should turn blue now.

58. This should give you an idea of how to find the right ingredients through process of elimination (I tried to describe it in detail, but really it's very simple once you get the hang of it!). You have to do this for about three colors in the color sequence. After you have done three colors, Bruno will drink the potion, but it will not work.

Handy Chart!

59. After this, Sophie will mix a new potion and add an ingredient. The color sequence is the same, but the ingredients you used to get there last time have changed, you have to figure it out all over again! Use process of elimination just like last time to work through about six of the colors. After around six, Bruno will try to drink it again.

60. Sophie will mix another potion, and add another ingredient. The color sequence is once again the same, but the ingredients you used are reset and you must figure out the new ingredients. Use process of elimination to find all nine colors in the right order, and Bruno will successfully drink the potion, and leave us hanging for the next part!

Next, move on to Part 8!

Written by Jasper
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