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As well as the characters already mentioned, there are a few other cards that are Plot related that are worth looking at.

Evil Cards

Some cards are around that show more about the Evilness in the Plot.

Ugly Bruno

It appears that Bruno himslelf gets the curse. As seen below, he is transformed. This card, within the TCG Game, is stronger than that of Bruno, so it shows that the Ugly Bruno is of more power than his normal self.

Evil Trees

If there were to be a Battledome element, these Trees are sure to be a fine competitor. They seem like a product of Mr Krawley's experiments, and the Trees of the Woods have joined the evil side.

Creeping Shadows

Although some shadows are hardly fit for the Battledome, these shadows are more proof of the terror in Neovia. Normally, people wouldn't be scared of a few shadows, but this shows that the Shadows are something that are rather sinister.

Sentinet Stones

These stones are rather scary looking, although it's unlikely that they will get up and attack. But, how often do you see gravestones with eyes? Anything could happen.

Xantan and Anubits

These characters were certainly not expected in the TCG. They are both from the NeoQuest game, and obviously if they are included within the Haunted Woods Plot, they would be fantastic Battledome opponents. They are interesting characters - Xantan is very evil indeed, and Anubits says "RAWR" in binary in his discriptive text - very formidible indeed!

Zombie Aisha, Werhond

This Zombie Aisha could well be under some sort of Curse and on the Evil side. It could be a formidable opponent. In addition, the card Werhond could be an opponent as well. It should be noted that there are a whole bunch of other mutant petpets to be found in the Deck.

Something Has Happened Cards

The SHH cards are very interesting and enlighten us a little on what may happen within the Plot.


This card shows the Transformation once the Curse has hit. It is the same change that Bruno would go through.


This card gives us an idea (if the darkness already hadn't!) that the Plot will take placein Fall/October 2006.


This card may enlighten us on the friendship between the main heroes; it shows that they are good friends and are very likely to help each other out in a tricky spot.

Other Cards

And finally, other cards related.

Touch of Von Roo

This suggest that the warlock Count von Roo may be slightly involved, but the "Touch" indicates that he will not play a maor role at all (if any) within the Plot.

Curing the Plague

This card shows the ending of the Plague/Curse. Some have suggested that this is part of some sort of Sophie/Plague sub-plot, but for now we'll keep it here.

Acara Nurse

The village may get incredibly ill indeed - our hero Bruno may end up in the place where the Acara finds herself within in this card.


It's likely that we'll see a rather funny little sub-plot about the first ever Petpet, Meow. It should be a rather funny twist and may not have any relation to anything (even if it does happen - it may be a TCG-only thing).

Followers of Meow

They praise the great Meow, as should you!

Golden Scratching Post

But no-one may ever touch it; it is for the Great Meow only!

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