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Happy Blumaroo Day! August 8 at 10:34 pm NST by hrtbrk • 4 comments


Oil Paint

clo_retrospaceblum_suit.gif clo_retrospaceblum_boots.gif clo_retrospaceblum_taildeco.gif clo_retrospaceblum_wig.gif
New Royal Vandagyres August 2 at 10:08 pm NST by hrtbrk • 8 comments

In celebration of the Discovery of Meridell, new Royal Vandagyres have been released!

4.png 4.png

Royal Boy | Royal Girl

Neopets Data Breach Update August 1 at 11:58 pm NST by hrtbrk • 14 comments

An important update about the Neopets Data Breach was released by TNT earlier today.

They have confirmed that they have successfully patched the security risk and are forcing all users to change their password. 

You will be prompted to do as such upon visiting the website via a password reset request sent to your email. If you do not recall your email address, you will need to submit a ticket. If you type in your username on the reset page and it says it is invalid, make sure you type it exactly as it appears on Neopets- it is case sensitive.


  • Dear Neopians: We wanted to take a moment to provide you with an update since our update on July 20th. As we previously communicated, Neopets was alerted on July 20th to activity indicating unauthorized access by a third party to portions of our IT systems.

    Upon investigation, we took immediate steps to shut down further access to the affected systems and we have not seen any unauthorized activity since that time. We reported the event to law enforcement, and began working with external cybersecurity experts to investigate the event and determine what happened and what data was impacted. As a matter of course, we do not collect or store payment information and do not have evidence that it was impacted. Once the investigation has concluded, we will share additional information, as appropriate.

    Our team is working around the clock, deploying additional safeguards onto our systems, including enhancing monitoring of our systems, reinforcing our security practices, and actively reviewing systems to enhance security controls and all security protocols. As a reminder, neither Neopets or its employees will ever ask for your login information.

    As a precaution, we are taking steps to protect users’ accounts, so when you next visit Neopets, you will be prompted to change your password and we are currently working on adding multi-factor authentication to better safeguard your account access. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this event and are committed to supporting the Neopets community.

    We invite you to reach out to us through our normal support channels with any questions or concerns you might have regarding this incident or the security of your account.


Welcome to August! August 1 at 10:28 am NST by hrtbrk • 3 comments

TDN welcomes you to the month of August!


Links: Home | Battlepedia | Customization | NeoAvatars | Forums

This month, we have these events:

  • Blumaroo Day on August 8th
  • The Discovery of Brightvale on August 11th
  • Meerca Day on August 18th
  • The Annual Usuki Doll Convention on August 20th
  • Grundo Independence Day on August 24th
  • Mutant Day on August 25th
  • Kyrii Day on August 29th


Other things to do: Dailies | Monthly Freebies | Faerie Crossword | Pet Transfers

Happy Ruki Day! July 29 at 10:34 pm NST by hrtbrk • 4 comments



clo_orchidruki_shirt.gif clo_orchidruki_pants.gif clo_orchidruki_hat.gif clo_orchidruki_shield.gif clo_orchidruki_sword.gifå
Happy Peophin Day! July 26 at 10:29 pm NST by hrtbrk • 7 comments



clo_cowhandpeophin_hat.gif clo_cowhandpeophin_pants.gif clo_cowhandpeophin_shirt.gif clo_cowhandpeophin_boots.gif

I wish to bring attention to some concerning news. Earlier today Jellyneo posted that Neopets is under a live hack, which has information to over 60 million accounts. 

We understand the hack has access to your email, passwords, birth date, name, country, PIN number and possibly more. As this is a live attack, meaning the hacker can access new information even if you update it right now, we recommending updating your account information at your own risk. If your Neopets account shares the same email and password on another website(s), update it on that website immediately

TNT has commented that they are aware of the breach and are actively working on it.

We will keep you updated as we find out more information. 


NC Mall: Free Birthday Cake! July 20 at 9:21 pm NST by hrtbrk • 0 comments

The third and free birthday cake to ring in the NC Malls 15th year is here! Feeding this cake to your pet will reward an exlusive wearable and +4 strength.



Happy Kiko Day! July 18 at 11:20 pm NST by hrtbrk • 2 comments



clo_rarkiko_gloves.gif clo_rarkiko_headphones.gif clo_rarkiko_keytar.gif clo_rarkiko_scarf.gif
NC Mall: Free Birthday Cake! July 13 at 10:33 pm NST by hrtbrk • 2 comments

The NC Malls 15th birthday continues with another free cake! Feeding this cake to your pet will reward an exclusive bonus prize as well as +4 movement speed.



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