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Newest Items

Happy Kiko Day!

on 17 July at 1:52 pm NST by hrtbrk




clo_spyder_kiko_hat.gif clo_spyder_kiko_dress.gif clo_spyder_kiko_gloves.gif clo_spyder_kiko_bag.gif


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NC Mall: Claim Your Free Birthday Cupcake!

on 17 July at 1:16 pm NST by hrtbrk

Another free cupcake is in the NC Mall to help celebrate its 12th birthday! Feeding your pet this item will award it +3 movement speed and give you an exclusive wearable.

12th Birthday Garden Party Cupcake


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Altador Cup XIV Staff Tournament Prize Shop Open!

on 16 July at 12:58 pm NST by Emily

The prize shop for the Altacor Cup XIV Staff Tournament is now open! What did you get?

Claim Your Prizes!


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Happy Tuskanniny Day!

on 12 July at 6:29 pm NST by hrtbrk



clo_primitive_tuskaninny_wig.gif clo_primitive_tuskaninny_dress.gif clo_primitive_tuskaninny_neck.gif clo_primitive_tuskaninny.gif clo_primitive_tuskaninny_shoes.gif

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Altador Cup XIV Prize Shop Opens!

on 12 July at 12:10 pm NST by hrtbrk

Congratulations are in order to Terror Mountain!

Jerseys are in the dryer and now it's time to open the Altador Cup prize shop! Make your way to the Altador Cup headquarters spend your hard earned points now!


Comments: 29

Happy Ixi Day!

on 11 July at 4:57 pm NST by hrtbrk

Take a splash in the Rainbow Pool and treat your Ixi to the swirly colours of the Maractite Paintbrush!

clo_floobix_ixi_headgear.gif clo_floobix_ixi_facepaint.gif clo_floobix_ixi_dress.gif clo_floobix_ixi_shoes.gif
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NC Mall: Claim Your Free Birthday Cupcake!

on 10 July at 12:50 pm NST by hrtbrk

It's the NC Mall's birthday so head there to claim your FREE birthday cupcake now! Feeding this cupcake to your pet will reward you a special wearable and increase your pets HP by 5. 

12th Birthday Cupcake of Iridescence

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NeoAvatars Refresh, Counters Fixed, Server More, and More

on 8 July at 5:56 pm NST by Ian


Updated Navigation

Our top navigation bar has been refreshed and plays friendlier with mobile devices. It also contains more links to more sections around TDN—like the items database.

Fixed Counters

We’ve fixed all of our existing counters at myTDN, including the ones for avatar checklists, Altador Cup, GMC, and more. It’s about time, isn’t it? Sorry for the delay!

Refreshed Avatar Checklists Look

We’ve revamped our NeoAvatars checklist area. It will feel familiar but look a little different. The biggest difference is that you can view avatar solutions directly on the page, instead of them being inside of a pop up (an extra click). We hope this makes finding the information you need easier.

Some NeoAvatars data may have went missing in our server move today, but we're in the process of restoring it as we speak. To re-import your avatars quicker, please visit One-Click Import.

A Faster TDN

Without boring you with a bunch of nerd talk, we’ve made a bunch of behind-the-scenes improvements to our backend code that has, in some cases, cut page load times in half. We've re-written our front-end stylesheet and JavaScript too.

New Site Search

Our site search is now returns more relevant results based on what you’re searching for. Try it out in the sidebar. Please note that our main site search doesn’t return Items Database results just yet. Go to the Items Database directly for that information.

HTTPS Everywhere

The Daily Neopets, its pages, and all of its assets (like images and JavaScript) are now entirely served through the HTTPS protocol. This includes all of our myTDN account services, like the register and log in form. HTTPS means all of the communication between your browser and us is encrypted.

We hope that you enjoy these updates. They’re relatively minor but important to keep TDN online for years to come! Thank you for visiting.

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Happy Flotsam Day!

on 3 July at 5:10 pm NST by hrtbrk




clo_flotsam_waterking_top.gif clo_flotsam_waterking_bottoms.gif clo_flotsam_waterking_handheld.gif clo_flotsam_waterking_headgear.gif
Comments: 7

Additional Altador Cup Playtime!

on 3 July at 5:10 pm NST by hrtbrk

Neopets announced additional play time for the Altador Cup due to the sites recent downtime. Scores can still be submitted but team ranks will be locked and not change.

The prize shop is releasing soon as well!

Attention Altador Cup players! We understand the downtime of our site has affected the tournament and so July 6th and 7th will be practice days. You can submit scores and improve your ranks while the brackets standings will remain the same. Prize shops will also be open soon!

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