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Happy Moehog Day! May 14 at 11:40 pm NST by hrtbrk • 10 comments



clo_wanderermoehog_cowl.gif clo_wanderermoehog_suit.gif clo_wanderermoehog_pants.gif clo_wanderermoehog_shoes.gif
Neopets Beta: 0.4.6 Release Notes May 13 at 2:32 am NST by hrtbrk • 13 comments

It has been a while since our last Beta update and it appears to have been worth the wait. Check out these new and/or updated features to the Beta theme including an all new Create-A-Pet, Quest pages, a functioning search feature, brand new site theme and more!

  • New and Mobile Friendly Create-A-Pet page.
  • Site search now works on Mobile Beta.
  • An all new Community Central.
  • Beta theme added to Quests (Kitchen, Illusen Glade, Jhudora Buff, Snow Faerie and Brain Tree) .
  • AAA's Revenge, Armada, Neopian Adventure Generator, Vending Machine added to Games Room.
  • New Tyrannian Victory Day Beta Site theme.
  • And various bug fixes, which you can read here

The next update should bring us the Altador Cup and HMTL5 versions of the world maps. 


Altador Cup Prize Shop Closing May 13 May 7 at 12:43 am NST by hrtbrk • 3 comments

The Altador Cup prize shop will be closing in prep of this years Cup, so make sure to use any unredeemed points in the both the Cup and Staff Tournament prize shops before they close on May 13th!


Happy Hissi Day! May 4 at 9:35 pm NST by hrtbrk • 7 comments



Happy Lupe Day! May 4 at 3:21 am NST by hrtbrk • 9 comments

4.png 4.png


Welcome to May! May 1 at 10:41 am NST by hrtbrk • 9 comments

TDN welcomes you to the month of May!



Links: Home | Battlepedia | Customisation | Items Database | NeoAvatars | Forums

This month, we have these events:

  • Lupe Day on May 2nd
  • Hissi Day on May 4th
  • Tyrannian Victory Day!!! on May 12th
  • Moehog Day on May 14th
  • Koi Day on May 25th
  • Yurble Day on May 28th
Happy Cybunny Day! April 27 at 9:26 pm NST by hrtbrk • 4 comments



unhinged_cybunny_wig.gif unhinged_cybunny_scruff.gif unhinged_cybunny_shirt.gif unhinged_cybunny_katana.gif
Happy Kougra Day! April 22 at 10:36 pm NST by hrtbrk • 4 comments




clo_cas_kougra_wig.gif clo_cas_kougra_shirt.gif clo_cas_kougra_jacket.gif clo_cas_kougra_pants.gif clo_cas_kougra_shoes.gif

NC Mall: Spring Cleaning Gift Box Mystery Cap Sale! April 22 at 10:34 pm NST by hrtbrk • 3 comments

It's time for the annual NC Mall Spring Cleaning Sale! Five retired Gift Box Mystery Capsules from Y22 will be returning to the NC Mall this weekend for a super sale.

These Gift Box Mystery Capsules will all be available for 50% off on April 24th and 25% off on April 25!


Festival of Neggs Prize Update! April 22 at 10:31 pm NST by hrtbrk • 3 comments

As there was an issue with the Rare Cyber Negg not rewarding the proper Health Points when consumed, a 2.0 version has been released. Head back to Kari's Campsite to claim the Rare Cyber Negg 2.0! The Rare Cyber Negg will still increase Defence points by 1-3.


Kari's Campsite

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