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Happy Blumaroo Day! August 9 at 1:29 am NST by hrtbrk • 6 comments

4.png 4.png

Steampunk | Toy

clo_goth_blumaroo_dress.gif clo_goth_blumaroo_handheld.gif clo_goth_blumaroo_wig.gif clo_goth_blumaroo_shoes.gif

WELCOME TO AUGUST August 1 at 9:58 am NST by hrtbrk • 5 comments

TDN welcomes you to the month of August!


Links: Home | Battlepedia | Customization | NeoAvatars | Forums

This month, we have these events:

  • Blumaroo Day on August 8th
  • The Discovery of Brightvale on August 11th
  • Meerca Day on August 18th
  • The Annual Usuki Doll Convention on August 20th
  • Grundo Independence Day on August 24th
  • Mutant Day on August 25th
  • Kyrii Day on August 29th


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Daily Dare Has Begun! July 31 at 5:05 pm NST by Emily • 167 comments

The 2019 Daily Dare has started! As usual, Day 1 will run through August 1st, 2019 to give everyone at least a full 24 hours to complete the first challenge.


View Our Coverage!

Lulu in Space (NC)

If you ordered Neopets merchandise from the company Overpowered but never received it or a refund, Neopets is requesting you contact them on Twitter to correct the issue.


ello Neopians! If you placed an order a while back with Overpowered and DID NOT receive your merch, then please send us a Twitter DM with a screenshot of your receipt and mailing address (plus any other info you can provide: email, name, etc.). We prefer all information to be sent to our Twitter DMs so we can separate Overpowered issues from the other support issues we get. That way we can solve everything faster and keep things organized. We sincerely apologize for the trouble and we're looking into ways to make it up to you. Thank you!



Happy Ruki Day! July 30 at 2:02 am NST by hrtbrk • 6 comments




clo_candy_ruki_wig.gif clo_candy_ruki_dress.gif clo_candy_ruki_handheld.gif clo_candy_ruki_shoes.gif
Happy Peophin Day! July 26 at 10:41 pm NST by hrtbrk • 21 comments


Oil Paint


clo_deserprince_peophin_head.gif clo_deserprince_peophin_shirt.gif clo_deserprince_peophin_scarf.gif clo_deserprince_peophin_shoes.gif


NC Mall: Claim Your Free Birthday Cupcake! July 24 at 5:41 pm NST by Emily • 6 comments

A third birthday cupcake has been released! Claim your free cupcake now!


Feeding the cupcake to your pet gives an exclusive wearable, as well as 2 strength points to your pet!

Happy Kiko Day! July 17 at 8:52 pm NST by hrtbrk • 2 comments




clo_spyder_kiko_hat.gif clo_spyder_kiko_dress.gif clo_spyder_kiko_gloves.gif clo_spyder_kiko_bag.gif


NC Mall: Claim Your Free Birthday Cupcake! July 17 at 8:16 pm NST by hrtbrk • 6 comments

Another free cupcake is in the NC Mall to help celebrate its 12th birthday! Feeding your pet this item will award it +3 movement speed and give you an exclusive wearable.

12th Birthday Garden Party Cupcake


The prize shop for the Altacor Cup XIV Staff Tournament is now open! What did you get?

Claim Your Prizes!


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