Haunted Woods Plot Solutions - Part 1 - The Burnt Out House

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1. The Burnt Out House
2. The Damp Caves
3. The Woodland Maze
4. The Caretaker's Books
5. The Dreaded Graveyard
6. Back to the Graves
7. Mixing the Potion
8. Composites
9. The Asylum
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6. Start off at the Gypsy Camp .

7. Click "Follow the creepy path to the edge of the camp..."

8. Click on the burnt out house at the right edge of the map of Neovia.

9. Look in one of the ten places shown below for the locket.

10. After you find the locket, there will be a link at the top for the Neovia maps that says "View quest items". Click on it to see the items you have so far.

11. Once you have found the locket, you can start asking questions.

To do this, you need to visit various locations. Gilly needs to visit four games, and speak to the owners to gain information.

You'll need to talk to Harker at Bagatelle , Lyanka at the Cork Gun Gallery , Leeroy at the Coconut Shy , and Sssidney at the Halloween Scratchcards booth. You may need to play the game once for the conversation to appear at the bottom of the page.

Now it gets tricky. The part of conversation that the game bosses speak is random for each user. What you'll need to do is go back to each conversation, and see what the first line of what the person that you are talking to is saying. Note this down for each of the four characters, and then visit the characters again, but in the order below (so, the person who speaks, "Why, certainly, little miss" must be visited first, "Amazing" second, and so on):

The responses must be visited in this order:
I.. Why, certainly, little miss
II. Amazing! I haven't seen such metalwork
III. That piece of junk?
IV. It looks familiar...

Can't get it to work? Delete your temporary internet files/cookies (which will log you out of Neopets) and try again :(

If you did it right, you will get an image of Gilly with a statement such as below, at the bottom of the last person you visit in the correct order (the person that says, "It looks familiar").

"Well, it's clear no one around here is going to help me. I wonder if there might be someone deeper in the woods who could identify this locket."

12. When you get the statement, go back to Neovia and click on the road leading off of the map from the porch behind the building with the arch, as shown below.

This will take you to the Spooky Shack . Theories are that this could belong to Sophie the Swamp Witch, a younger likeness of whom we have already seen earlier in the Plot. (Remember: You must get the statement from Gilly, at the bottom of the page of the 4th conversation in the right order to access the Spooky Shack!)

Next, move on to Part 2!

Written by Ian
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