Haunted Woods Plot Solutions - Part 2 - The Damp Caves

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1. The Burnt Out House
2. The Damp Caves
3. The Woodland Maze
4. The Caretaker's Books
5. The Dreaded Graveyard
6. Back to the Graves
7. Mixing the Potion
8. Composites
9. The Asylum
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13. Go on over to Sophie's Shack . Sophie will steal the locket.

Click on 'Flee in terror"'.

14. You're now in the Damp Caves - click on "Go into the scary cave...".

In the cave, you can only pick up one item at a time. You cannot pick up the chest nor the table, but you can pick up a key, rotton piece of food, mirror, chair, or a lamppost. If you come acrossa 'huge growling beast', clicking 'Continue' will take you to a random place of the caves.

15. Find one on two rooms that has a glow of light in it, as such:

Go around picking up items, to take with you. Bearing in mind that you can have one item at a time, you'll need to go around to and fro.

You will need to place the items in the following co-ordinates on the caves map. When you roll-over the map, you'll see the co-ordinates at the end of the URL in your taskbar; as below.

Lamp:236, 225
Mirror: 238, 308
Chair: 225, 165/155

You should place your food anywhere in the room.

16. You may then need to walk around a bit, but eventually you'll get this message:

The mysterious, hulking creature stops and sniffs at the pile of rotten food on the floor. It picks up the food and eats it.

It seems to have an odd effect on the creature -- it's gotten all dizzy! It careens around the room.
The creature dizzily gazes at the chipped mirror -- and it seems terrified by its reflection! Whimpering, it turns and flees.
The creature doesn't look where it's going. It trips on the lamppost lying on the floor!
It falls toward the ground, and whacks its head on the chair.
The creature lies in a pool of moonlight, and you get your first good look at it. It appears to be an overgrown, misshapen Gelert. He whimpers sadly, no longer seeming like a dire threat.

Slowly, you begin to approach the creature, holding out your hand in a tentative gesture of friendship...

Next, move on to Part 3!

Written by Samuel
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