Haunted Woods Plot Solutions - Part 6 - Back to the Graves

0. Prologue Guide
1. The Burnt Out House
2. The Damp Caves
3. The Woodland Maze
4. The Caretaker's Books
5. The Dreaded Graveyard
6. Back to the Graves
7. Mixing the Potion
8. Composites
9. The Asylum
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48. Return to the Caretaker's Vault and click "Visit the Graveyards".

49. Select a graveyard from the list below the conversation - much like in the last part of the plot.

50. Find an unmarked grave. Graves marked with a red 'X' in the top right hand corner are marked. A marked grave gives the phrase:

'Someone's already marked this grave. You should go find a different grave to check off.'

An unmarked grave gives the phrase:

'It looks like nobody's marked this grave yet! You should write down the name and date of death and go find the name in the books so you can cross it off!'

51. Remember the name a date of death mentioned on the gravestone. It would be probably be safer at this point to copy and paste the text into Notepad.

52. Click 'Return to the Caretaker's Vault' and click on the shelves. It appears that the placing of the shelves changes every so often.

53. A list of names will then come up. Find a match to your gravestone, and click on the name. Click the arrows are the bottom to scroll through other pages.

54. Repeat. Like the previous step, this part is a 'do what you can' phase of the plot. Hurry up - before you miss out!

Next, move on to Part 7!

Written by Ian
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