Faerie Festival 2023

Smog has been taking over Neopia and Queen Fyora has enlisted Illusen and Jhudora to team up to help clean it up. However the two faeries could not put their differences aside to work together and have decided to run their own Festival by taking advantage of the techonolgical boom and start recycling items in Neopia.

Head to the Faerie Festival Head Quarters, available via link on the Neopets Homepage, and begin your dialog with Queen Fyora. Concluding the dialog will open up an activity tab with faerie-related dailies for you to participate during the event.


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Choosing a Faerie to join will award you with an initial prize as a thank you for joinging their efforts.

After picking either Illusen or Jhudora's side to help clean up, you will be able to begin recycling items for points to spend in their respective prize shops.

Players are able to recycle a maximum of 30 items per day via the Faerie Festival headquarters page. Recycling the maxium 30 items per day will reward you a special Faerie Recycling Capsule.

As per previous years, the rarity of the items you recycle determins the amount of points you receive towards the prize shop. NOTE: Sticky Snowballs are still worth 1 point each.

Item Rarity Points
r1-79 1
r80-89 2 points
r90-97 6 points
r98-r100 4 points
r101 1 point
r102-179 8 points

Donation Bonus Prizes

Opening a Faerie Recycling Capsule has a 60% chance to drop a r90-r95, 25% chance to drop a r96-r98 and a 15% chance to drop a r99 item.


The following Faerie activites, some with extra perks, are available during the Faerie Festival.
Clicking the will take you to the activities respective guide for more information.

Free Daily Spin
The Wheel of Excitement
NC Mall Event
Free the Faeries (NC)
Available to all Neopians
The Soup Kitchen
Daily Faerie Quests
Faerie Quests
Daily Visit
Visit the Cooking Pot
The Cooking Pot
Illusens Glade
Illusens Glade
Jhudoras Bluff
Jhudoras Bluff
Snow Faerie Quests
Snow Faerie Quests
NC Item Shop
Faerie Shoppe (NC)

Daily Faerie Quests

Every day, from Ocotber 2nd - 19th, you can visit the faeries for a prize. You do not have to complete a quest to be awarded the daily prize. Once you receive your daily prize, you then have the option of completing a quest from Fyora, the Fountain Faerie, the Battle Faerie or the Grey Faerie.

For more info about what you can expect from the different quests, check out our Faerie Quest Guide.

Once you have found the item the faerie requested, head back over to Faerie Headquarters to turn it in and receive your reward! As usual, any stats that are awarded will be given to your active pet, so if you want a different pet to receive the reward, make sure to set it to active before submitting the quest item.

Note: If you have an active Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie, be sure to accept the Cookie quest after the daily Faerie quest, as completing the Cookie quest first will cause the daily quest to be lost.

Daily Prizes

Every day when you visit the Quest Headquarters, you can receive a different prize from the faeries. Below are all the prizes the faeries are known to hand out. If you have received an item that is not listed, feel free to contact us and let us know!

Event Prizes

At the end of the event, participants were awarded a shiny trophy for their efforts along with prizes specific to the Faerie they chose to help.

Illusen's Prizes


(270 Items)
(?-269 Items)
(1-? Items)
-Team Illusen-
(Claim Your Prizes)
-Illusen vs Jhudora-
(Visit Faerie Quests Daily)

Woodland Mortog

(Visit Faerie Quests Daily)

Illusen Particles

(Obtain Gold)

Glaive of Verdancy

(Participation Prize)

Treehouse Background

(Story Completion)

Jhudora's Prizes


(270 Items)
(?-269 Items)
(1-? Items)
-Team Jhudora-
(Claim Your Prizes)
-Illusen vs Jhudora-
(Visit Faerie Quests Daily)

Darigan Gruslen

(Visit Faerie Quests Daily)

Jhudora Particles

(Obtain Gold)

Sinister Scythe

(Participation Prize)

Gothic Gazebo Background

(Story Completion)

Event Dialogue

Scene 1
Scene 1 Dialogue
Speaker Dialogue
Fyora Although it may seem unusual, I asked you both to meet me here because I know you two were once quite close -
Illusen Who said anything about... Well, I wouldn't exactly say close!
Jhudora Brief acquaintances at best.
Illusen I suppose we were...
Jhudora Practically strangers.
Illusen Ahem, yes, something like that.
Jhudora Backstabbing strangers...
Illusen Do not start this! You were the one who -
Fyora Enough! Look, I called you two here because I had an... intriguing idea for a different type of Faerie Festival this year.
Fyora One to help us dissipate some of the smog and muck that has begun choking the skies and seas of our beautiful Neopia since its technological boom.
Illusen That sounds lovely!
Jhudora Suck up...
Illusen Hush, she is right! All of these new contraptions are giving off fumes that are starting to taint the pristine water, soil, and air of Neopia. I can feel it. Although, I did come up with some alternative energy ideas with Mira and Dr Landelbrot!
Jhudora I still think it would be easier to just blast all those factories pumping out these new pollution machines to bits.
Fyora We talked about this Jhudora. We should foster progress, not deter it. We do, however, have a responsibility to ensure it is carried out thoughtfully and carefully. Just like this festival! Which is why the two of you will be running it this year, as a team.
Illusen I don't think thoughtful and careful are her forte... How about I just handle it myself this year and maybe next year Jhudora coul -
Fyora Nonsense! I know for a fact that, with each of your respective talents, the two of you can put on a fantastic festival for all of Neopia!
Jhudora For once I agree with salad mix over here. Look, I appreciate the suggestion -
Fyora Oh, I'm not giving out suggestions today. Only orders. From your Queen.
Illusen *GULP*
Jhudora *GULP*
Fyora Which is why I am so confident that you two will do just spectacular together. I mean just look at how excited all of the other faeries are, even Mira agreed to fly all the way back to Neopia to attend! Now that this matter is settled, good luck. *leaves*
Jhudora She is one of the few people that scare me.
Illusen And here I thought it was just me. *Cough cough*
Jhudora You better not get me sick! Go see Marina if you're coming down with something.
Illusen I'm fine, let's just get this over with.
Jhudora Whatever you say.
Illusen Well... if we have to do this, where do you think we should hold the festival this year? I was thinking the woods nestled between Faerieland and Meridell. Maybe we could build a tree house and cover it with blossoming flowers to add splashes of colour!
Jhudora *Retches* Sorry that imagery almost made me hurl. That all sounds so dull.
Illusen Well... if we have to do this, where do you think we should hold the festival this year? I was thinking the woods nestled between Faerieland and Meridell. Maybe we could build a tree house and cover it with blossoming flowers to add splashes of colour!
Jhudora Listen, there's a gazebo with sublime gothic architecture near the edge of the Haunted Woods, let's host it there! We could even add in some thorny vines and maybe a few of your flowers, but only dark black, red, and purple hues will do.
Illusen And you called my idea dull! A Faerie Festival should feel welcoming and inviting, not drab and dark. No one will want to set foot in your gothic gazebo.
Jhudora You always do this! Oh, they will come to the gazebo at my Faerie Festival, but you won't be invited.
Illusen Fyora told us to work together, as a team remember? You can't just throw your own festival!
Jhudora Too bad. Already decided. I'm single-handedly throwing the Faerie Festival this year.
Illusen Then so am I! I'll host the Official Faerie Festival in the woods just outside of Faerieland.
Jhudora Well, when people get bored at your lame Festival, they can find the fun one on the edge of the Haunted Woods!
Recycle Scene - Illusen & Jhudora
Recycle Scene Dialogue
Speaker Dialogue
Illusen Since Fyora wanted us to use this Faerie Festival as an opportunity to clean up Neopia, I had the idea to start up a recycling program! Taking a page from Granny Hopbobbin's book, I've decided to offer special prizes to festival goers who pick up garbage all over to help us rejuvenate the lovely land of Neopia.
Jhudora By the way, I heard Illusen is offering prizes for garbage at her festival. No really, I hear she wants actual trash! And since you wisely came to my Faerie Festival instead of her little tree party, I suppose I could offer out some special trinkets I've been hoarding... if you bring me more junk than her sycophants do.
Scene 2 - Illusen & Jhudora
Scene 2 Dialogue
Speaker Dialogue

Hello, hope you have been enjoying this year's festival! I have to run a quick errand to Moltara and would love it if you would accompany me. I want to discuss my ideas for alternative energy sources with the CEO of the Moltara Obsidian Company.

They refine obsidian down into a liquid that has become the fuel most of those new inventions that have been flooding Neopia run on, but the production and consumption of it give off fumes that can be very harmful to the environment! You can meet me at the new MOC building in Moltara, it's rather tall so you can't miss it.


Aren't you glad you made the right choice? I'm sure everyone at that knock-off festival is fast asleep by now! Say, since you stuck with me, how about you tag along with me to have some more fun? Meet me down in Moltara in that shiny new tower they put up.

The tower is owned by the Moltara Obsidian Company, they've quickly amassed a fortune converting obsidian into liquid fuel for new machines across Neopia. I have some questions about their finances that I had better like the answers to.

There is now a step in the story to complete. Go to Moltara. The Moltara Obsidian Company will be clickable. Once you visit, the link to the tower will disappear on the map.
Scene 3 - Illusen & Jhudora
Scene 3 Dialogue
Speaker Dialogue
Illusen Jhudora? What are you doing here? I thought you agreed not to blow any of these places to the sky! Or was that just another lie?

Relax, I didn't come here to do any damage. Well... depends on what the slimeball inside has to say. I did some digging about the company, and I have a few questions for him.

What's your excuse? Did you change your mind about my approach and decide to show this CEO just how cruel you can be?

Illusen I only came here to talk with the CEO. I'm concerned about how damaging his obsidian fuel is for the air of Neopia. Plus, I suspect that he may have heard some… misinformation about the renewable energy source I've been working on.
Monty Monty McTaggart, Moltara's Magnanimous Obsidian Magnate, at your service! Sorry to keep you two waiting, it's been mighty hectic round these parts lately.
Illusen Sir, we've come here to you today because we would love to sit down and talk over some-
Jhudora Let's cut to the chase, have you been bribing officials to shut down renewable energy ideas?
Monty Well now that is quite the accusation. Let me start by saying the McTaggart family has a storied history of philanthropic endeavours in Moltara-
Jhudora Then where did you pick up that ridiculous accent?

Jhudora! It's not okay to mock someone's voice. Look, Monty, I am sorry about her… forwardness. I came here on my own, because I wanted to talk to you face to face, faerie to Neopet, and see if we could talk things out.

It seems representatives of your company have been strongly opposed to renewable energy sources, but Dr Landelbrot has theorized that the energy given off by the sun could be harnessed without harming Neopia. The sun could provide for us just like it nourishes the plants, with clean-


I'll stop you there little lady. I know all well and good that burning obsidian is not what the kids these days are calling sustainable, but I've been in the obsidian business for years, and now that business is finally booming, ain't no way I'm gonna stop!

Besides, it's too early to tell if obsidian is doing any harm. This whole pollution racket is nothing to fuss about now, it's something for our grandchildren to worry about. Bahahah!

Illusen This is all just some kind of joke to you!
Monty Now that could not be further from the truth. I am serious about obsidian, it's my livelihood after all!
Jhudora I have a question about your livelihood, Monty. You went bankrupt in Y15 and were forced to sell all the McTaggart assets, putting up your family estate to get by. Then, right after the tech boom in Neopia, you suddenly have the means to buy the Obsidian Quarry from the City of Moltara. Who gave you all those Neopoints?
Illusen How did you know all that?
Jhudora The National Neopian Bank Manager owed me a favour after I cleaned him out in Cheat! Now Monty, spill
Monty Well, I'd be happy to tell ya! I had a run of good luck in the Neopian Stock Market. That Nigel fellow sure is an agreeable fellow. Oh, and playing Trudy's Surprise. Do you know how much you can get if you go consistently?
Illusen This is getting us nowhere. He'll ramble on all day before he tells us anything about his benefactor. I think he's too scared of whoever it is to say a word.
Jhudora Okay, then step outside for a minute.
Illusen Why what are you- *Cough cough*
Jhudora For once just listen to me and go outside before I catch whatever you have. If fear is what motivates him, then let me have a private chat with Monty. Just the two of us.
Monty Hold on there, Illusen, let's not be hasty now! You seem like the levelheaded one here to me, so maybe just hang back with us-
Illusen Buh-bye, and good luck Monty! *Steps outside*
Jhudora *Whisper Whisper*
Monty Muh-muh-Malkus Vile!
Illusen *Pops head back in* What was that?
Jhudora Monty just shared with us that Malkus Vile was his secret investor. I haven't the foggiest idea why, but Vile is behind all of this.
Illusen You only whispered in his ear for a few seconds. What on Neopia did she say to you?
Monty You don't want to know… Please, just leave me alone, I don't know anything else. Oh, Vile will never forgive me for this.
Jhudora Don't you worry about him, once I'm through with-
Illusen Once we are through with him. I want to see Vile brought to justice myself.
Jhudora Who are you kidding Illusen? You can barely stand. I don't know what's wrong with you, but you're in no shape to chase down anyone.
Illusen I told you I'm just fine!
Jhudora What you are, is too proud to be real with me. Same old story. So, I'm going to find him by myself.
Illusen Jhudora I… Hey! Jhudora, get back here!
Scene 4 - Illusen & Jhudora
Scene 4 Dialogue
Speaker Dialogue

Oh it's you, thank you for coming with me. I really appreciate the support. It wasn't easy to hear Jhudora say some of those things about me… but she has her reasons for lashing out.

Can you just do me a favour and keep an ear to the ground about Malkus Vile? I need to find and stop him. Soon.


There you are. Yeah, things got a bit tense there… that Illusen just gets me all tangled up sometimes.

But now I know who we are looking for. It won't be long before I track down Vile, trust me.

Scene 5 - Illusen & Jhudora
Scene 5 Dialogue
Speaker Dialogue
Illusen I heard Jhudora left her Festival some time ago and has yet to return. I'm starting to worry that she might be in trouble… Would you mind looking around for her? I heard she was last seen poking around Deep Catacombs under Neopia Central.
Jhudora Thanks to some tracking by Sarah and Daisy, I think I finally picked up Vile's trail! Seems that lowlife is hiding out in the Deep Catacombs below Neopia Central. You can tag along if you want, but keep your head down.
There is another story step to complete now. Head over to Collectible Coins and click on the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper will transform into Malkus Vile and unlock a new scene.
Scene 6 - Illusen & Jhudora
Scene 6 Dialogue
Speaker Dialogue
Malkus Vile Longer lasting and better looking than stamps - coins are a must for -
Jhudora Drop the act Vile, I finally found you. I'm surprised it was so hard given your stench.
Malkus Vile Ahh Jhudora, how lovely of you to drop by.
Jhudora Save the formalities. I already know you've been funding McTaggart and bribing officials across Neopia to keep all these fancy new machines running on obsidian.
Malkus Vile Bribing? No, no, you've got it all wrong. In the technological boom of Neopia, I saw opportunity. What I've been doing is called lobbying, and it's perfectly legal for some reason.
Jhudora So, what's in it for you? I know you always have an angle.
Malkus Vile Well, Monty owes me quite a bit you see, which means I own him. Ergo, I own Moltara Obsidian Company. But I prefer to stay behind the scenes. Easier for me to grease the wheels when it comes to officials and convince competition to close up shop.
Jhudora Figures, slime like you would prefer to stick to the sewers.
Malkus Vile

Come now Jhudora we aren't so different. You know it's not easy to get by when you aren't one of the elite. You either have to rub elbows with the likes of Queen Fyora's entourage and King Skarl's royal court, or you have to strike out on your own.

We both chose the latter because neither of us could endure kowtowing to those insufferable prigs. Most faeries, like say Illusen for instance, have no problem playing those games.

Jhudora You can skip through all the banal cajolery you prepared. There's a reason you're so smug. Tell me, what's stopping me from hitting you with a curse that would make your worst nightmares seem like daydreams?
Malkus Vile I know something you don't. About Illusen.
Jhudora What makes you think I care?
Malkus Vile No need to play coy with me, no secrets escape these sharp ears. I know all about your… complicated history with her. So, I thought you'd be interested to know that despite her posturing, Illusen has been significantly weakened.
Jhudora Wa- What do you know about that?
Malkus Vile A little Weewoo told me that Illusen started weakening right around the same time the pollution began spreading. It seems the smog choking the Neopia air and clouding the forests has been affecting all of the Earth and Water Faeries. She's vulnerable, and… if you wanted, could be out of your way for good.
Jhudora The pollution… Vulnerable? No. No, I couldn't. Part of me does still hate her for what she did to me, but I couldn't do that… Uh, not while she is in such a pathetic state that is!
Malkus Vile That's the beauty of it, you don't have to lift a finger. I already have a professional on the job, so you can go back to your little Faerie Festival and enjoy total deniability.
Jhudora What do you mean a professional?
Malkus Vile Illusen's been running her mouth about that renewable energy nonsense for far too long, it was starting to cut into my profit margins. Besides, the enfeebling of all the Earth and Water Faeries was always part of the plan. It came from the very top.
Jhudora Plan? Tell me when this is happening before I blast a hole in the middle of your ugly mug!
Malkus Vile Woah, woah, relax! Look, tell you the truth, Illusen's probably being bottled as we speak.
Jhudora Arghhh I'll be back for you Vile!
Another story step needs to be completed to unlock more dialogue. Head over to the main Meridell map to meet Balthazar and see what he has to say. This step will unlock additional dialogue.
Scene 7 - Illusen & Jhudora
Scene 7 Dialogue
Speaker Dialogue
Illusen My legs, I can barely feel my legs. I'll just take a moment to rest here against the wall.
Balthazar Oh, Illusen, you were once one of the few faeries I dared never approach. But look at you now, withered up and weak just like your precious Glade. Even this measly bottle can hold you now!
Illusen Balthazar? Stay back! I won't warn you again!

You can stop pretending now. We both know you barely have any magic left at this point.

I know Vile will pay top Neopoint for you, but part of me just wants to keep you as a paperweight. You faeries are much better in bottles, but I still think you were best as statues. Oh, what a glorious few months that was when you were all stone!

I was really hoping it would be permanent, but of course, I end up with a house full of angry faeries right in the middle of my bottled faerie opening party. You don't mind that I'm rambling on Illusen, right?

Illusen *Muffled yelling*

What's that? I can't hear you, AHAHA!

You know, now that I think about it, why let the chance to rid Neopia of such a powerful faerie slip through my paws? Maybe I should just save Vile the trouble and end you right no -


Jhudora Paws off! If anyone is going to end her, it'll be me.
Illusen I still have enough magic to break free of your bottle Baltha… Jhudora! What are you doing here? I had him just where I wanted him!
Jhudora Oh, were you in there? I just happened to be in the neighbourhood um… shattering random bottles.
Illusen And spontaneously blasting Neopets?
Jhudora Only those who deserve it.
Balthazar *Groans*
Illusen I don't know if he deserved quite that much. That blast of yours sure packed a wallop, will he be okay?
Jhudora Yeah, sure… probably. More importantly, we need to inform Queen Fyora of Vile's location before he gets too far. I found him hiding out in Collectable Coins.
Illusen Let's return to Faerieland. We will tell her, together.
Throughout this set of dialogue you will have to go to Free the Faeries and free Illusen from the jar Balthazar trapped her in.
Scene 8 - Final Dialogue
Scene 8 Dialogue
Speaker Dialogue
Fyora Well, I can't thank you two enough. Your efforts have helped root out corruption and start us on a path to restoring balance in Neopia.
Illusen Speaking of which, I've actually been working on a special spell to help restore the soil of Neopia!
Jhudora Well, I've been preparing a powerful potion that should cleanse the air and oceans of Neopia!

Look at you! And here I thought you gave up after my festival-goers were able to collect even more junk than your cronies.

It's working! I can feel the Meridell vegetation breathing easy again… thank you Jhudora.

Fyora I am so proud of you two! Working together seamlessly to clean up Neopia. You'll be pleased to hear we picked up Malkus Vile trying to make a run for it on the outskirts of Neopia Central. And Captain Brynneth is scraping Balthazar off the cobblestones at this very moment.
Malkus Vile Lock me up for whatever you want, it won't matter.
Jhudora Vile, earlier, you said you had orders “from the very top”. You like to put on a show, but you aren't the one running it. So, who's at the top?
Malkus Vile You won't get a peep out of me.
Illusen Whoever orchestrated this entire affair scares even Vile?
Fyora It narrows it down considerably… But that is a matter for another day. For now, let's celebrate your success, together.
Jhudora Ugh, I think we've done the whole “together” thing long enough today.

Could you at least pretend to be respectful in front of the Queen?

*Jhudora and Illusen continue bickering as they walk back to the festivities together*

Jhudora *Jhudora and Illusen continue bickering as they walk back to the festivities together*
Fyora *sigh* Well, at least we made some progress...

Plot Comic

At the end of the Faerie Festival, a plot comic was released. If you missed it, you can read it here. I wonder what's going to happen next!

Free the Faerie's Event

Free the Faerie's is an NC Mall event taking place during this years' Faerie Festival. Each day, Neopians can free a Faerie and receive an exclusive prize. Please view our guide for more information.

Written by Mouseykins
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