Haunted Woods Plot Solutions - Part 5 - The Dreaded Graveyard

0. Prologue Guide
1. The Burnt Out House
2. The Damp Caves
3. The Woodland Maze
4. The Caretaker's Books
5. The Dreaded Graveyard
6. Back to the Graves
7. Mixing the Potion
8. Composites
9. The Asylum
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31. Return to the caretaker to examine his books, click "examine graveyard lists"

32. Click on any one of the graveyard numbers.

33. Sophie will tell you she needs ingredients to make the potion. Click, "Sure, I can handle it. Which ingredient?" and ignore the other buttons for now.

34. Sophie will tell you an ingredient to fetch. Return to Sophie's shack and click on the door.

35. There will be lots of potions on the shelves to choose from. Some of the potions are unknown at this time, but here's what we know so far.

Here's the list (these are in order on the shelves from left to right):

1. Bagguss Juice
2. Juppie Extract
3. Kadoatie Essence
4. Tanglevine Sap
5. Zomutt Mucus
6. Moon Water Potion
7. Liquid Meepit
8. Unknown
9. Unknown
10. Liquefied Bumroot Potion
11. Crushweed Juice
12. Boiled Tree Bark
13. Worm Snot
14. Bloatershroom Extract
15. Alyseth
16. Jurple Butter
17. Boiled Meowclops Saliva
18. Barkroot Dew
19. Unknown
20. Grundo Goo
21. Powdered BloodFern
22. Pureed Sharpgrass
23. Mutant Gruel
24. Evaporated Snorkle Juice
25. GhostBeef Essence
26. Glowing Zomutt Mucus

Click on your potion, and click "go back to the Haunted woods."

36. Click on the game graveyard and once again click "examine the graveyard lists." If you fetched the correct potion, Sophie will tell you to sit down and relax.

37. Click "continue"! (DO NOT EVER SKIP THIS STEP)

38. Now that you have gotten Sophie's ingredient, she will make you rest. Next (you may choose, but we are going to follow this order), click on "go to graveyard."

39. You will see many graves. Graves that have nothing in front of them are "normal" (#1). Graves with a tiny patch of brown are ones that are already being worked on (#2). Graves with large rectangles of brown are open and empty graves (#4). And lastly, graves with brown rectangles with white spots in them are graves that still contain bones (#3). You can move by clicking on the grass to move your black square (that's you) around the graveyard. You will be able to access a grave when you are standing adjacent to it (next to or diagonal from). If you have found a graveyard where EVERY grave is like #4, then go find the spot along the outside fence where it opens up into the woods, and click to exit. Find another graveyard that has "Normal" graves. Click on any normal grave.

40. Hopefully there will be people there already, but if not that is okay. Click, "Join" below the grave picture.

41. Continuously click "wait" until three other people join in to dig. When they do, keep clicking "wait." You will see that a red box will highlight each player when it is their turn to dig. When you are highlighted, click the "Dig" button underneath the grave picture.

42. This process takes quite a while, so be patient and keep a good eye out for your turn (otherwise you'll hold up your whole digging team). If you fail to do a good job of keeping up with your turns, you will be kicked out and you will have to wait a while to try again. It will tell you when you are finished.

43. After you have dug a grave, find the section of fence that is missing, and click on the edge to exit. When you get back to Sophie, click on "take potion."

44. Click again on "enter graveyard."

45. There are a couple strategies for finding bones to test.
A. Look for an open grave with bones in it. If someone is already testing it, refresh in hopes that the other tester will fail.
B. Click on an "in progress" grave, and refresh until the diggers are done digging it.

If you use strategy A, you will most likely have a hard time finding a grave where someone is not testing the bones, and the chance is slim that if you refresh there you will be able to test them. I recommend method B. It may take a long time (as long as it takes to dig a grave out), but you have a much better chance getting there before someone else does.

46. Once you manage to find a grave with bones to test, whip out your calculator (or a pencil and paper) because you're probably going to need it.

This is a sample problem. For you algebra whizzes out there, the formula is a little like this:

or this

For those of you who are freaked out by that formula, don't worry. Here's a step by step on how to get your answer:

a) Take the first number of your problem and divide it by the second number, like so (working with the numbers from my sample problem):
3997 / 1665.42 = 2.39999
b) Take that answer, and round it off to the nearest tenth (if you need help with this idea, please ask someone on the forums, I'm not enough of a math person to explain it well!):
2.39999 = 2.4
c) Take your number, and square it--multiply it by itself.
2.4 x 2.4 = 5.76
d) Finally, take your number and multiply it by 25.
5.76 x 25 = 144

This is your final number and the number you should enter into your box. If you come up with a decimal (a number like 12.5 or 24.04) just drop the decimal off and use the whole number. If you did it correctly, you will see a picture of a bone. Click the CONTINUE button (DO NOT FORGET TO DO THIS STEP!).

47. Now that you have made it through each event, you now need to do them all over again! Much like the sand in the lost desert plot, this is a get-it-while-you-can step, and I assume you will get points for as many of these tasks you can complete. So hurry while they last!!

Next, move on to Part 6!

Written by Jasper
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