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And You Thought it Was Over, Didn't You?

Just when it looked like the Obelisk War was over, and The Sway had won the day, skirmish battles began breaking out at the Obelisk Battlegrounds! The six factions haven't had enough yet, as they continue to fight small skirmish battles over who gets weekly control over the Obelisk and it's boons.

But How Does it Work?

Rounds go in two week cycles, measured by the timer located at the Battlegrounds . Each round, players will be given a choice between three of the six factions; excluding the winner of the past round. You must once again pledge allegiance to your favorite faction. Your previous faction not competing this round? Don't think it has a chance of winning? No worries, feel free to choose a new team every time! You will have 3 days to pick a side before the battling begins again.

Once the selection period is over your faction will have 4 days to battle opponents from the other two teams competing in that round. That will give you a selection of 10 opponents of varying levels of difficulty to battle. More information on these opponents is available over at the Battlepedia.

In order to be eligible for prizes at the end of the round you must participate in a minimum of 10 battles. If you don't meet the participation requirements you will not get anything at the end of the round, even if you did pick the winning faction.

Once the battle period is over a winning faction will be named. The truce timer will reappear and the winning team will have 7 days to enjoy the spoils of their victory. After the 7 day period is up, the winning team's boons will expire and the cycle will begin again with the selection process.

What Does this All Mean?

This means the battles will continue! By siding with the winning faction you will have a chance to new prizes, avatars, site themes, and the super-awesome boons.

Written by nbbug132
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