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The Plot will contain numerous characters. From what we understand from the TCG Cards, they will revolve mostly around a Gelert and a Lupe, with Sophie the Swamp Witch also playing a heroine part throughout. We'll also meet a rather Scrooge-like figure; another evil Faerie; and a rather hideous Skeith. All's fair in love and war, they say :)

The Heroes and Heroines

Following the leads from the TCG Cards, we believe the characters playing the vital role is Bruno the Gelert. We'll look at these more indepth below.


Bruno is a rather interesting-looking character. Donning the Victorian style clothes of the era, he would look like a character with strong potential to play a part as a intelligent, strong-minded individual. He seems to be the forerunner in the Plot.

However, it seems the Bruno himself gets struck by the curse of the town. You'll see him in Ugly form on the Other Cards section.


Reginald is the more intelligent of the heroes. He is the one with the know-how and thus he is likely to save Bruno from some sort of sticky situation; or, he is rather likely to do something crucial within the Plot to save somebody, or inform them of something. His character will be one that is interesting to see.

Sophie the Swamp Witch

Sophie is perhaps a character that we didn't expect to see. She is seen in a much younger form than we see her in usually, and it seems that she will be vital in the Plot as a last hope to the village. Her descriptive text implies this, and we believe that she is probably going to do something rather magical with her powers to help save the day.


There are also many villains to be found within the Plot; chances are, you may have to fight some in the Battledome, but we're unsure as yet.

Mr. Krawley

Mr Krawley is for sure a rather Scrooge-like old man, but he seems to be a scientist, much like in the Jeckyll and Hyde stories, where the scientists creep around at night. His eyes and face portray him as a rather evil looking man, and one to watch out for for sure.

Ilere of the Woods

Ilere of the Woods is a evil Earth Faerie. She sneaks around with her plants, and her green hair and green eyes give a rather Dionysus-style appearance. (Dionysus being a Greek God who wore a crown of ivy and had a staff of the same; he seemed to be obsessed with the plant.) She was probably good once, she is now considered very deadly as her descriptive text suggests.


Archos is deemed by the cards as the one who is "most darkest of all". He is a huge Skeith who is sure to be an interesting forerunner in the Plot, as his large appearance gives him that menacingly evil look. He is probably the leader of the Villains, at least on the more violent side.

Other Plot-related cards.

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