Haunted Woods Plot Solutions - Part 3 - The Woodland Maze

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17. Head back on over to the Comics to get updated, then over to the Shack .

Chatting with Sophie and Bruno, she'll tell you that you need to visit Ilere in the Swamp. Click to enter the maze.

18. You need to go and find the stick.

Found it? Well done. Go click on it. You'll notice a small stone is added to the corner of your screen - clicking that will show your inventory.

19. Go and find the two-headed Hissi.

Click on the stick in your inventory and cick the Hissi, jabbing it.

You jab the left Hissi head with the pointy stick. 'You did not poke me.' the head declares. 'That didn't hurt. You're not holding a stick.' Clearly that's the head that lies, so you should probably go down the other path.

Click the 'X' in the corner of the woods, next to the message.

20. It may automatically take you, if it doesn't, jsut click on the Hissi - to the High Woods. It's just a blue version.

You now need to go along the path, finding vines. Eventually you'll have 30 vines, 5 of 6 different kinds.

WARNING! Forum member D Generation X informs us that some people's vines arent showing up. If this is the case for you, leave this part and try tomorrow. Sadly, overnight some people lost some vines. Eurgh :(

21. Find a clearing in the woods, once you have 30 vines. The clearing is marked with shadows on the ground. Remove ALL of your vine ropes from the inventory, except for 6 of the same type. Click on the hilly area (usually in the center) to start your rope.

Your aim is to get the message:You spend a few minutes weaving the vines you've collected into a rope. You tie your rope to a tree and toss it over the cliff. Your rope is barely strong enough! It'll stupport Bruno's weight, but you probably shouldn't leave him on it too long. But your rope isn't long enough! You should go find more vines to add to it.

If you dont get this message, put all of your vines back into the inventory and leave a different set of 6 of the same type in there. Once you have the correct message, add the vines that you have out one at a time by clicking on the hilly area. If you get a different message to the usual, remove the vine and add a different one.

22. When the vinerope is complete, Bruno will start to climb it.

23. Now, go play Meepit Juice Break . Send a score of 300 or more, and go back to the Woods. There should be the little grey items box on your screen with a glass of Meepit Juice in it.

24. Now, find the Ghost Meepit in the Woods. Give the Juice to the Ghost Meepit. It will fall right through the Meepit, who will run off again. Sophie will make the Meepit Juice Ghost Meepit Juice.

24. Find you Meepit again and give it the Ghost Meepit Juice. It will drink it and start following you. Continue on and find the other six Meepits, collectiing them the same way. (The Juice will still be there)

25. After you have all 7 Meepits, go to the screen with the large door and ring of lights. Take one of the Meepits out of you inventory and click on one of the lights. All of the Meepits will go to them.

26. Move all of the Meepits around untill they start to dance. The happier they look, the closer they are to their spot. When all of them dance, there will be a flash of light and the door will open.

27. Inside, there is a large, creepy looking tree. Sophie, Gilly and Bruno will talk for a moment, then go in.

Next, move on to Part 4!

Written by Samuel
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