15 Newest Avatars

Here are the 15 newest avatars and their solutions at Neopets.

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Negg Enigma
Participate in the Festival of Neggs 2022.
Dung Dash - Avatar
Visit the Dung Dash page on April 1, 2022.
Mecha Topsi - Avatar
Find all 15 Neggs during the 2021 Festival of Neggs.
Neovision Plus Avatar
View Neopets Neovision Plus page on April 1st 2021
Charity Corner 2020
Make 100 donations to Charity Corner 2020.
Forever Loading
Visit the Y22 Redesign Page on April 1, 2020.
L&L - Bravo, Aurrick!
In the Legends and Letters app, complete at least one challenge during the Neopets crossover week.
20 Year Celebration avatar
Obtainable by redeeming a Rare Item Code from San Diego Comic Con 2019. Rereleased as a bonus prize for completing Neopets' 20th Birthday event.
Robot Vandagyre
View the lookup of a Robot Vandgyre while having a robot painted petpet attached to your active Neopet.

Robot Vandagyres: Xylicona , Zylenth
Royalboy Lutari
Have 5 unique Lutari items in your inventory and view the lookup of a Royal Boy Lutari.

Royal Boy Lutari: auberillis , XochipilIi
Charity Corner 2019
Obtained by donating 100 items to the Declutter Machine.
Win 250 hands in Godori in one month, before it resets.
Be in the top 50 on the Kiss the Mortog High Score Table when trophies are awarded daily.
Brain Tree Quest
Place in the top 50 on the high score table for Brain Tree Quest .
Trudy Avatar
This avatar is awarded when you win 100,000 neopoints from Trudy's Surprise. This occurs on your 25th consecutive spin.
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