Altador Plot Prizes

1. Beginning
2. Observatory
3. Sleeper
4. Dreamer
5. First to Rise
6. Farmer
7. Dancer
8. Wave
9. Gladiator
10. Collector
11. Thief
12. Gatherer
13. Protector
14. Hunter
15. Conclusion
16. Prizes
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After 3 months of waiting, the Altador Plot prizes have arrived. Everyone got the same things this time around.

To get your prizes, go to the Council Chamber and click on King Altador. There, he will give you your long awaited prizes. Please note that you cannot collect your prizes if you did not finish the whole plot. At this time, you still can.


King Altador

Altador beams at you as you approach. "So! We finally have a reward for your valiant efforts to restore the history of this great land. I must apologize for the delay, but it has taken us some time to regain our bearings. Suddenly remembering the entirety of one's history is quite taxing."

"Nevertheless, we do have your rewards. Our treasury is quite full, and so we have decided to award you a tidy sum of Neopoints." He waves at Gordos, the Collector, who steps over to you, carrying a bulging bag.

Gordos glares at you. "I hate parting with such a large sum of money, but what Altador wants..." he grumbles. "Here you go."

Bag of Neopoints
The bag contains 5,000 Neopoints!
"Next," Altador says, "we've awarded you this trophy."
Royal Astronomer trophy
Royal Astronomer
"And finally, we have a few items for you..."
Altador smiles. "I hope that suffices. I regret that we couldn't provide more choice, but as I said, things are still a bit chaotic around here. And after all, this wasn't on the scale of what happened to the Lost Desert, or what will soon be happening in--" He stops. "Ahem. Nevermind."

"Well!" he continues. "You will always be welcome in Altador, and we will be eternally grateful for your services to us. Farewell for now."

While it's not included in the list, you also get the Altador Plot theme when you visit Altador.

Additional Prizes

If you go back to Altador the day after you got your prizes, you can get more!

The Lenny - Finneus avatar!

You will also get a random item or NP along with the avatar, and you can continue to do so once every day!

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