Altador Plot Solutions - Part 11 - Thief

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Part 11 - Thief

Follow the instructions carefully to complete Altador Plot Part 11.

NOTE: When completing all of these steps, be sure to press the "CONTINUE" button!!!

85. Head to the Archives where the Lenny Conundrum Lenny has appeared and click on him.

Lenny Conundrum Lenny location
Lenny Conundrum Lenny
"Hey, you! Listen, you know Finneus, the archivist, right? I heard him say you've been helping him with some kind of... history puzzle, or something. I don't know, but anyway. Finneus is my uncle, and I want to give him a special surprise for his birthday, which is coming up soon. It's the fourteenth day after the square root of the number of Grundos you find in the--er, sorry, nevermind. Force of habit. Anyway, look, here's what I want to do: He's got this favourite Meepit plushie of his, yeah? And I want to decorate it all nice for his birthday." He grumps. "But I want it to be a surprise! He's always in that office of his, so I can't get ahold of it. If I hang around until he turns his back, he'll get suspicious. But since you're always in there, you could get it without him noticing. So, can you help me?"

86. Then to go Finneus and click the vase at the back of the room.

Vase location
Archivist, Distracted
You throw a pebble at the vase. The archivist spins around at the sound of something plinking against the vase. "What? What's was that? Did you hear something?"

87. Steal the Meepit Plushie by clicking on it.

Meepit Plushie

88. Head back to the Lenny Conundrum Lenny again.

Lenny Conundrum Lenny
"Great, you got the plushie! I--" He looks at it, startled. "Wait a second, this isn't his favourite Meepit plushie. That one has, uh, um... well..." He scratches his head. "It's a little different, it's got a... a thingy... Look, I'll know it when I see it. You've got to go and get his favourite plushie. Hurry! His birthday is only 94 times the number of bolts on the Virtupets Space Station seconds away!"

89. Then continue back to the Archives and click the door handle of the left door.

Archives door handle

90. Ignore the doors on the right hand wall for now, and focus on those along the top. Click the door on the LEFT of the top wall 3 times and then the small door to the RIGHT of it.

Archives doors

91. Click "Hide the Box."

Hidden meepit plushies
How interesting... a box of Meepit plushies. This must be where the Archivist keeps getting his replacements !

92. Go back to Finneus and click on the vase again, then the Meepit plushie. Then bring it back to the Lenny Conundrum Lenny .

Lenny with Plushie
"Excellent!" he cheers as you bring him Finneus's favourite Meepit plushie.
"This is the real one. Now, let me just put this ribbon on it--" RRRRIP! "Uh oh."

Click "Uh Oh?"

Headless meepit plushie
"Oh no! I tore the Meepit's head off! Woe!" He looks down at the headless Meepit plushie. "I--hey, what's this?" He reaches into the plushie and pulls out an old, dull, rusted dagger that was hidden inside the plushie. "Huh, some kind of dagger stored inside the plushie. How weird. Oh well. I guess you better give this plushie back to Finneus. I hope he's not mad at me!"

93. Click the dagger!

Dagger location
Hidden constellation
There's an odd pattern of marks on the dagger the Lenny is examining.

94. Visit the Archivist to get your coordinates updated. Then use the constellation finder to locate your constellation. Then, go search for your constellation in the telescope ! You're looking for the Thief constellation!

Thief constellation

95. Head over to the Astronomy Club and see what they say. You MUST do this. You can also visit the other usuals as stated in the next step.

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club : The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room... except the club president, who grabs a protractor and threatens you with it every time you come near him.

The other club members give you overly casual nods. The Wocky sidles up and whispers, "Don't worry, we'll be making our move soon. In the meantime, hang onto this. And don't ask where I got it."

Astronomy Club

96. Visit the usual people to see what they have to say.

The Janitor : The janitor hurls a book of Lenny Conundrums to the floor and shouts, "RARRRGHH!! THESE CONUNDRUMS ARE TOO HARD!! I'LL CRUSH THAT LENNY IF I SEE HIM!!"

The Archivist : The archivist says, "Naturally, Kelland, the Thief, would have his constellation found on a dagger. Indeed."

He lets out a sigh. "This would seem to remove Kelland from the list of suspects. It would have made the most sense, 'twere it him, but alas. I still cannot accept that Fauna, Jerdana, or even Altador himself could be responsible for this!" He blinks. "Unless... wait a moment... something is stirring in my memory..." He glances up at the ceiling for a moment, as if peering into the distance. "Ah HA!" he shouts. "Yes, I think I know where to look. This search may bear no fruit, but I must try. I will have to go into the archives for a while. But continue your search; there are only three constellations left to find, and we may not have much time left."

97. The ceiling above the Kelland statue will begin to glow.

Kelland’s gems

98. There is a new chapter in the Book of Ages about the Thief.

Click here to continue on to Part 12 of the Altador Plot.

Written by Ian
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