Altador Plot Solutions - Part 9 - Gladiator

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Part 9 - Gladiator

Follow the instructions carefully to complete the Altador Plot Part 9.

NOTE: When completing all of these steps, be sure to press the "CONTINUE" button!!!

69. Go to Altador and click on the Colosseum to the north of the Hall of Heroes.


70. Click on any of the windows of the building (see image below) - not the door, that won’t get you where you need to go.

Colosseum close up
The mighty Colosseum of Altador is an ancient arena that is home to many contests, tournaments, and feats of physical prowess.

71. You will probably see a blank wall the first time you try a window. Hit back on your browser and click a different window until you find this Grarrl:

A mysterious figure beckons to you from the shadows...
"Psst... hey, you. You look like someone who'd be interested in joining..." He glances around furtively and whispers. "Punch Club. And before you do, you have to remember that the first rule of Punch Club is that you don't talk about Punch Club... unless someone asks, then you can talk about it. Just don't bring it up. Unless you overhear someone else talking about it, because, like, they clearly already know about it." He nods, agreeing with himself. You get the impression that this Grarrl is not entirely stable.

You will likely need to check a number of windows before you find him. Just remember where you are on the row and click them one at a time, in order. Be warned, however, that the correct window will change every hour. If you’ve gone through all of them and have not found the Grarrl, just start over from the beginning.

72. Once you’ve found the Grarrl, click on the option that says "Go with him to Punch Club".

Punch Club
In a secluded alley behind the Colosseum are gathered a group of Neopets... This is Punch Club.
"Would you like some punch?"
Perhaps you should try some punch. You don't want to be rude.

You will need to click on the bowls of punch to access the goblet on the table. A particular combination of three clicks, randomized for each account, will allow you to click on the gold goblet on the table. There is no way to know what your combination is without trial and error. Once you’ve found your combination it will not change.

Try each combination in order, as shown below. The tries will not overlap, meaning if you try 112 and then 113 it will not have also counted as trying 211. 111 means you should click the first bowl three times, 112 means click the first bowl twice and then the second bowl, and so on.

111 - 112 - 113
121 - 122 - 123
131 - 132 - 133
211 - 212 - 213
221 - 222 - 223
231 - 232 - 233
311 - 312 - 313
321 - 322 - 323
331 - 332 - 333

You will know you’ve found the correct combination when the goblet shift slightly to the right.

Shifted goblet
NOTE: The punch club changes location every hour on the hour. If you're in the punch club when it changes locations, you will get kicked out and you'll have to search through all the windows again.

73. When you find the correct combination and click on the goblet, it will bring you to a close up of it. Click on the sun badge in the middle of it.

Golden Goblet

This will reveal the next constellation.

Hidden constellation

Return to Finneus to get his opinion.

74. You now need to visit your telescope and plot it out! You can use the constellation finder to location your constellation.

Gladiator constellation

75. Once you’ve found it, check the Gladiator to see the gems.

Gladiator gems

76. Visit the different citizens and see what they have to say!

The Janitor shouts, "Punch Club?! You went to Punch Club without me?! RAARGHHR! I LOVE PUNCH!! I WISH I HAD SOME RIGHT NOW!!!" He foams at the mouth and growls incoherently.

The Archivist says, "Ah, of course, I should have recognized it. A shield, for Torakor, the Gladiator. And found at the Colosseum, no less. Of course, the Book of Ages has gained a new chapter."

"Another clue, on a drinking vessel? How strange... I don't think any of our heroes are called 'The Thirsty' or anything like that. I wonder what that shape is... Well, you'd better go find the constellation."

"Now, this is very important, so pay attention. I've delved even deeper into the magics that have stolen our history, and I've realised that they seem very familiar. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I've definitely seen magic like this before. The problem is that what the magics most remind me of are... well... I don't know who, specifically, but I believe they are similar to magics wielded by one of the Heroes of Altador. I don't know who, though; all of the Heroes use magic to some degree or other, and I don't know if I can identify who, precisely, might have created the magic in question here."

He sighs. "The problem, of course, is that if one of the Heroes is responsible for the magics that have stolen our history... well, that would be a great tragedy. Imagine! Another betrayer among the ranks of the Heroes! But who could it be?"

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room... except the club president, who ignores you completely and mutters imprecations under his breath.

A couple of the other club members--the Wocky and the Korbat--come over to you. They motion you over to a corner of the room. "Listen, we're all pretty unhappy with how the club president is running this place. I mean, we can do what we want, mostly, but he's just really grouchy and being a jerk lately. We just wanted to let you know that, um..." She glances around furtively. "He may not be the club president for much longer, if you know what I mean." She winks meaningfully at you, then goes back to her star charts.

77. The Book of Ages has more for you to read!

Click here to continue on to Part 10 of the Altador Plot.

Written by Samuel
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