Altador Plot Solutions - Part 1 - Beginning

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3. Sleeper
4. Dreamer
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Part 1 - Beginning

Follow the instructions carefully to complete the Altador Plot Part 1.

NOTE: When completing all of these steps, be sure to press the "CONTINUE" button!!!

1. Visit the Hall of Heroes in Altador.

2. Click the janitor .

Janitor location

3. Next, click the Altador sun button (right next to the janitor). It will not do anything. Click CONTINUE (very important).

Altador Sun

4. Next, visit Finneus (the Archives keeper) at the Altadorian Archives page. His door is on the right. Then, click the book supporting the table. You will be prevented from taking it and Finneus will say "Yes, I'm using that book to stabilize this table. The bottom of the table leg is perfectly flat, but it's exactly three inches short. If only I had something to replace it". Click CONTINUE (again, this is VERY important because if you don't click "continue" it's like you never did it, so you must click continue to FULLY complete the step).

Finneus's table leg support

5. Return to Altador and go to the Flat Rock Quarry . It is located in the forest in the lower left of the main Altador map.

Flat Rock Quarry location

6. Now, you must select a perfectly flat 3" rock an order to replace the book.

Perfectly flat rock location
You find a Perfectly Flat Three-Inch Rock. How extraordinary!

7. Head back to Finneus at the Altadorian Archives and click the book again. It will replace the book with the rock. You now have obtained the book.

Rock under table leg
You replace the book with the Perfectly Flat Three-Inch Rock. It's an exact fit, and the table is completely stable!

8. After replacing the book with the rock, click the book on the pedestal.

Book on pedastal

9. Most of the pages are blank, except for the prologue. You can turn the pages by clicking on the upper corners:

Turning book pages

10. Visit the janitor again at the Hall of Heroes .

The Janitor
You know, maybe the gears have just gotten dirty or seized up, it's been so long since the button was used. If there were some way to grease the gears, the button might do something again.

Press the Altador sun button again (it still won't do anything).

11. Knowing this clue, return to the Hall of Heroes and click on each statue. Behind one random statue will be a jar of oil. Alternately, rather than click on each statue until the oil is found, you can select one statue and refresh the page until the oil appears. You will automatically pick the oil up so there is no need to watch for it to appear in any of the statue images.

Jar of oil and a rag
Behind the statue's base, you notice a jar of oil and a rag.

12. After obtaining the oil, return to the janitor and push the Altador sun button again.

Oh, you found the oil I use to polish the plaques! Good idea! Maybe it can free up the gears. Go ahead and put some on the button mechanism, and we'll see what happens.

You push the button.
Suddenly, gears begin to grind, and the great ceiling above you opens up, admitting much more light to the room!

Ceiling opening

13. Upon returning to the janitor, he'll be mad at you and say.

The Janitor
"Argh! Now it's light, and I'll have to go back to mopping instead of guarding this button! Curse you!" But you think he means "curse you" in a friendly way.

14. The Hall of Heroes is now lit up. If you click the stairway it will take you to the Observatory, though you can’t do anything up here just yet.

Observatory location

Click here to continue on to Part 2 of the Altador Plot.

Written by Ian
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