Altador Plot Solutions - Part 7 - Dancer

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Part 7 - Dancer

Follow the instructions carefully to complete the Altador Plot Part 7.

NOTE: When completing all of these steps, be sure to press the "CONTINUE" button!!!

52. Go to the Altadorian Archives and click on the Dance Club on the far right of the board.

Dance Club flyer

53. The Quiggle doesn't seem pleased, but you have important business here. At the top right, click on one of the brighter lights.

Dancing Quiggle
"Maybe now I'll get some people to join my club!" He looks at you as you enter. "You again?! I don't want the likes of you in my club!"

54. The room goes dark and lights up the constellation as so:

Hidden constellation
There seems to be a regular pattern of lights reflecting off the disco ball...

55. Finneus has something to say about it (you must see him to activate the constellation):


The archivist says, "Ah, another clue? Right here in our very own Archives? And in some kind of underground dancing establishment operating on the premises?! Who authorized that? Go, find that constellation, I've got to deal with these hooligans."

The archivist clears his throat. "Oh, by the way, if you want to see all your previous clues collected into one place, I've made up a list for you here .

56. You now need to return to your telescope and find your Dancer constellation. Use the ever-so-popular constellation finder to find your constellation!

Dancer constellation

57. The gems above Sasha the Dancer have lit up.

Dancer gems

58. The usual characters have some comments!

The janitor shouts, "My favorite underground dance club got closed down by that stinkin' Archivist! GRAARGH, THAT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!" He hurls his mop to the floor and stamps his feet.

The archivist says, "There, those dancing ruffians have been taken care of. By sheer coincidence, the leader of their little gang looks just like the nice boy who runs all those clubs here in the Archives." He shakes his head. "Kids these days."

He claps his hands. "Anyway! On to business. I see you've found a fifth constellation: Sasha, the Dancer. And of course another chapter has appeared in the Book of Ages. We're drawing ever closer to completing that book." He shuffles some papers on his desk. "And on that note, it seems that there are no history books to be found within Altador. Not a single one! And what's worse -- nobody can seem to remember any of Altador's history. Not even me!" He shudders. "So much knowledge, stolen away somehow. We must find out who is responsible and stop them! Altador's knowledge must be restored!"

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room... except the club president, who seems increasingly upset. In fact, he only looks at you for a moment as you enter, then looks away.

Another of the club members, a Korbat, approaches you. "Hi there... I just wanted to say, don't worry about the president, he's just in a little snit because you're such a good astronomer. We know that we shouldn't take it personally." The Korbat looks over his shoulder at the president. "Although when you're not around, he's always bragging about how his club members are so great, and it's because of his leadership that you're finding all these constellations..." He shakes his head and returns to his telescope.

59. There is a new chapter in the Book of Ages .

Click here to continue on to Part 8 of the Altador Plot.

Written by Samuel
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