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Here's what you should do to get past the gears at the Hall Basement!

Check out each gear one by one, then view the ceiling to see the effect. It is recommended that you open up a new window for the Hall's Ceiling and just refresh there to test another gear's effect.


You have to find out which 3 gears open up the right half by 4 notches, 5 notches, & 6 notches (a total of 15 notches opened at the right half, when the three are combined). The entire left half should be completely closed.

What are notches?

Those lines around the ceiling's hole are referred to as "notches". You'll have to find out the following gears:

  • A gear that will open the right half for 4 notches
  • A gear that will open the right half for 5 notches
  • A gear that will open the right half for 6 notches

Make sure these three gears have the left half completely closed.

Finding out the 3 correct gears

There are ten total gears that you can jam.

To help you keep track of which gears you’ve tried, open up NotePad or a similar program and paste the following in:

Fill out the form using this legend:
X = If the left half is open at all
X = If the right half is open by less than 4 notches
X = If the right half is completely closed
YES!!! = If the left half is completely closed & the right half is open by either 4, 5, or 6 notches

However, it’s entirely possible that you won’t need to fill out the entire form! Simply check each gear one at a time. If you mark a gear with an X, then remove that rock. If you mark it with a YES!!!, however, then leave that rock there! Note down how many ticks the ceiling is open for the YES gears, and count from that point when checking the rest.

When counting the ticks, it helps to note that the darker lines along the edge mark every 5th tick. This can help you tell how far the ceiling has moved at a glance. You want the ceiling to be open a total of 15 ticks, or to the third dark line.

NOTE: The three correct gears need not be located in all three rows. They can be in just two rows (two in one row, then one on another), or all three in just one row.

If, after 10 tries (10 refreshes at the ceiling / 10 pushes of the button), and you still can't find the 3 correct gears, the Janitor will reset the gears and you'll have to start all over again. But don't worry; it's easy once once you get the hang of it.

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