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The Key Quest game board has many different tiles which you will pass over and land on, each doing different things in game play.

Tile Description
Starting Tile The first tile you will encounter is your starting tile. This tile is a green arrow and is also the tile you will end on, if you win the game!
NP Tile The Neopoint tile is a tile you will commonly see while playing Key Quest. This tile has a round coin labeled NP on it. Whenever you land on this tile or pass over one you are awarded 50 Neopoints.
Power Up Tile The Power Up tile is another tile in the game. This tile has a picture of a green diamond with a smaller red diamond in the center. Landing on and passing over the power up tile gives you power ups. These tiles can become very helpful while playing the game, as power ups can greatly increase your chances in winning. More on powerups can be found here.
Mini Game Tile The Mini Game tile is yet another tile on the Key Quest game board. This tile is a purple circle with three yellow stars. Landing on this tile will trigger a mini game. Mini games award you with Neopoints, and if you win the game you will be awarded with either you choice of key, or your choice of a powerup. It is random which option you will be awarded. For guides on the various mini games, click here.
Teleport Tile The Teleport tile is a purple tile that looks like a spiral. There are only two of this tile on the Neopia Central game board. When you pass over or land on this tile you have the option of teleporting to the other teleport tile, which is on the opposite side of the board. This can become very helpful when you need to acquire keys that are closer to the other teleporting tile. Other boards have more than two teleport tiles. When landing on one of these, if you choose to teleport, you will reappear on the other teleport tile of the same color.
Treasure Tile The Treasure tile is a black X on a yellow tile. This tile appears directly in front of a treasure chest. There is usually only one treasure tile on the game board. When you land on this tile you will be given the option of any color key! You will also receive a random power up and some Neopoints!
Key Tile The Key tile is perhaps the most important tile in the game. This tile is very easy to spot as it will have a large key rest above it. The tile itself has a key hole pictured on it. Each key tile will have a different colored key. When you land on or pass over these tiles the color of key on the tile will be added to your keys collected.
Question Tile Another tile that you might come across is the Question tile. When a player lands on this tile, a random Neopian Character card is activated. You can read more about the Character cards in their seperate guide here.
Location Tile This is the Location tile. Every time you land on this tile you will "discover" a Neopian Location card - and be awarded 200 NP in the process! For more information on these cards, see the guide here.

You may also encounter Alignment tiles. There is usually six of these on each board, one for each of the Alignments. If you are lucky enough to land on the tile to which your token is aligned, you will be rewarded with a Super Powerup and a Reward Charm. However, if you land on one of the other five alignment tiles, you will be "Hexed!". You can read more about the various rewards and hexes here.


Finally, if you land on another player during the game, then you will activate a duel. This is really just TNT's fancy way of saying you play Rock-Paper-Scissors against them! The winner of a duel is rewarded with a powerup of their choice, similar to when you win a minigame. It is also possible for a player to activate a duel at any time by using the Battle Dice powerup. If that is the case, they will also choose who they battle against.


Now you know all of the tiles in Key Quest, so head on over to the game and land on some of those rewarding tiles!

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