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Do you want to play Key Quest with your friends? You can create a game and invite your friends to your game! Inviting friends to play a game is simpler than you may think!

Creating a Game to Play With Friends

To begin creating a game you will need to click the door labeled 'Create Game' located on the Key Quest house, also the home screen of the game.

Once you reach the 'Create Game' screen you are given many options for the game. Number of keys is the first option for your game. You can choose 1-5 keys. Choose how many keys you wish to collect in game play and select that number. Number of players is another option you can decide upon for your game. You can play with up to 4 players. The Game Board option controls which board you will be using for your game with your friends. The Game Topic option gives you choices of rooms to place you game in. Since you will be playing with your friends any topic would be fine. If you were creating a game to play with people you might not know, then place your game in the area you feel most comfortable. If you are new at the game you wouldn't want to place it in the Expert topic or you would be playing against people who have been playing the game for a while.

Now is the part where you invite your friends! On the right side of the 'Create Game' screen you will see a yellow button labeled 'Invite Players'. Click this button to proceed to the screen to invite your friends. On this screen you have two options. You can type the player's name in the boxes on the left labeled 'Invited Players' or select from the section on the right which has your Neofriends. You may also use the right section to search for a friend who isn't listed in your Neofriends. Click on the persons name you wish to invite to the game and it will automatically place their name in one of the 'Invited Players' boxes. Once you have all the people you wish to invite in the 'Invited Players' boxes click okay and you will be taken back to the 'Create Game' screen.

Now you should be ready to start the game! Check over and make sure all the options you set are correct and if they are hit the yellow button labeled 'Done'! You are now ready to start a game with your friends! Have fun playing Key Quest with your friends!

Written by Ian
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