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In Key Quest, there are several modes to play in based on the number of players and keys you choose. When creating a room, you can choose to play with 2-4 players and 2-5 different colored keys. The more keys there are, the better the rewards become. More players means more competition for the top prize, so playing two-player games with five keys is the easiest way to earn the most rewards from Key Quest. The number of players does not affect the top prize you can win. The only difference is more competition. The best prize you can win in each type of game is shown below.

# of Keys Top Prize
5 Gold Key
4 Silver Key
3 Bronze Key
2 Lead Key

If you choose to play 2-4 key games, there will still be five keys on the map, but the colors will be repeated. For example, in a four key game, there may be two red keys on the map, and one of each other key color. The repeated color is random, so in one game there may be two red keys, and in the next game there may be two green keys instead.

Keep in mind that several power-ups are only available in three- and four-player games. If you're looking for a good, long game of Key Quest, then play with three other people. It does get boring sometimes, though, since with so many power-ups and players to use them, winning a game becomes very hard. If you want a quick game, less keys or less players is the way to go. For the best rewards, choose two players and five keys; you only have to worry about one other person and you will get either a gold or silver key.

Choose your modes carefully and happy Key Questing!

Written by Ian
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