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As you are probably aware, each Token in Key Quest is aligned to a different element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light or Dark. On some of the Key Quest game boards this alignment comes into play in the form of Alignment Tiles. There is one tile per alignment, and they look like this:


When you land on a tile that your Token is aligned to, you receive a Super Powerup (see here) and a randomly selected Reward Charm. Reward Charms are a great bonus and have effects ranging from giving you another roll, to protecting your keys for the next two turns! When you are offered a Charm, you must accept it before you will gain the beneficial effects.


Here is a run-down of the Charms currently available in Key Quest, and what they do.

Name Card Description
The Air Faerie's Blessing The Air Faerie's Blessing Card This reward is quite simple: you are allowed to move a further three spaces forward. If that brings you to a split in the path, then you can pick your direction.
Keep Those Feet Planted Keep Those Feet Planted Card An extremely useful Reward, this will prevent anyone from using movement- or direction-changing powerups on you for the next two turns. This includes both Misdirected Compass and Transporter Helmet powerups.
Note: The two turns described by this reward do not mean two of your turns, but simply the next two players' turns. Thus, if you are playing in a three or four player game, by the time it is your turn again you are vulnerable.
The Light Faerie's Blessing The Light Faerie's Blessing Card One of the very best Rewards you can receive, the Light Faerie's Blessing will protect you from all negative effects for two turns!
Note: As with the Keep Your Feet Planted Reward above, this means the next two players' turns and not specifically your next two turns.
Everyone Deserves a Second Chance Everyone Deserves a Second Chance Card Judge Hog is all about second chances, so his Reward is no different - if you receive this Reward then you will be allowed to roll again!
An Unlikely Hero An Unlikely Hero Card Size certainly isn't everything, and little Armin proves that point with his Reward. While he is protecting you, no other player will be able to steal, alter or otherwise affect your keys in any way!
Note: Similar to the two Rewards above, Armin's protection lasts for the next two players' turns.
A Visitor From Space A Visitor From Space Card This reward is awesome - you get to pick a key location anywhere on the board and teleport to that square. You get the key too, of course. Perfect for getting that last key you need or simply moving closer to the exit if you've already collected the keys you need. ;)
To Battle! To Battle! Card With this reward, you get to activate a duel between two players... like what happens when you land on someone or use the Battle Dice powerup. You can choose to be in the battle, or activate it between two of your opponents. Remember though, the winner will get a new powerup!


Alignment tiles have their downside too - if you land on any of the five alignment tiles that your Token is not aligned to then you will be Hexed! These are almost always nasty, so try to avoid landing on tiles you aren't aligned to if you can.

Some of the Hexed! cards that you may come across if you do land on the wrong alignment square, and what they do, are:

Name Card Description
Friend or Foe Friend or Foe Card Illere's hex is the only one that can sometimes be helpful. Similar to the effect of a Tornado Ring powerup, she will replace all your existing powerups with new ones. The ones she gives you can either be useful or not, it's all random.
You Need More Pockets You Need More Pockets Card Well, the Pant Devil's got a reputation to maintain I suppose - if you are unlucky enough to be Hexed by him, then you will not be able to collect any keys or powerups for the duration of your next turn. This includes anything you might win in Mini-Games as well.
Don't Play With Fire Don't Play With Fire Card Never let a fire faerie near your flammable items - especially not your precious powerups! If you anger Eithne by landing on an alignment you're not aligned to, she will take one of your powerups and incinerate it. It is random which powerup she picks to burn.
Slow and Steady Does Not Win the Race Slow and Steady Does Not Win the Race Card That dastardly Hubrid Nox and his evil sense of humour - if you cross him, he will prevent you from rolling anything higher than a 3 for your next turn. This Hexed card isn't really very serious as, well, you had a 50% chance of rolling less than a three anyway!
Beware the Bored Swamp Witch Beware the Bored Swamp Witch Card You really don't want to come across Sophie when she's bored, she is liable to test her latest magic out on you and then run off again - no respect for the hard game you're playing, obviously. If you do run across her, she will send you back to your home square.
Whirlpools are Not as Fun as They Sound Whirlpools are Not as Fun as They Sound Card Really, its too true - especially whirlpools created by the Drenched. These annoyingly evil sisters will spin you around so much that you will end up facing the opposite direction to that which you were going before, a similar effect to the Misdirected Compass powerup.

If you do not already know, you can find out which alignment your Token is by checking your Collector's Case on Neopets or by reading TDN's handy Tokens guide.

Written by Izzy
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