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In order to win Key Quest you will need to know some basics. Your main goal in the game is to collect all your keys and get to the green door to win the game. You must collect one of each key. In a five-key game you will need a white, green, red, blue, and yellow key. You must have at least one of each key in order to win the game. Once you have all the keys you will need to proceed to the green door to finish the game and win.

When you start a game you begin at the house you chose right after you joined or created the game. Each house has a certain route that works best. You will need to play around with each house to choose which one is your favorite, and which you feel is the best house to use to win. However, you may not always get the house you want so testing out each house to find your preferred path is a good idea.

Now you need to get those keys and get to the door to win. You can get keys in three ways. Going over a key tile, winning a mini game, or landing on the treasure tile. You should never depend on the last two ways mentioned, you will more than likely acquire most of your keys by landing on or going over a key tile. The keys you have will show up in your information panel in the upper left portion of the game screen. You will also see how many keys the other players have.

Power-ups will also help you to retrieve keys. Learning about the power-ups can improve your game play and increase your chances in getting keys. These power-ups can come in handy if you need to turn around to get a key, move to the other side of the board where another player happens to be, or if you need a key another player has. There are many other power-ups that can be helpful in winning the game, the more you play the more strategies you will learn.

Now you know the basics, and how to win the game. Practice makes perfect, so play the game and learn your favorite houses and routes! Find a strategy that works for you, collect those keys and win the game!

Written by Ian
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