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While playing Key Quest, you may experience some very helpful or disastrous random events. They are, as you would have guessed by now, completely random. At the end of every player's turn, there is a chance that a Something has Happened! card will appear, revealing a random event. Random events effect all players. Here is a rundown on the different cards and effects.

Card Description
Change Direction Card For no apparent reason, all players decide to do what a sign says and change the direction they are moving in. Of course, it may be good or bad, depending on where you're headed.
Bree Random Card Bree is always a good sight when playing Key Quest. If her random card appears, she will allow every player to change the colour of one of their keys. This is mostly helpful when you have duplicate keys. The downside is that she is helping your opponents too.
Random Location Card This random event has the largest chance of having a strong impact on the game. All players will be moved to a random location on the map. This could be anywhere from one tile away to the opposite side of the board. The next turn you will be able to choose the direction you move in, which is quite convenient.
Broken Portals Card Just as the card says, the portals won't be usable for the next two rounds, so don't plan on using them during then. The power-up 'portable portal' won't work either during these two turns. It doesn't have too much of an effect on game play. This is why you should not take a nap while on portal watch duty.
Sucking Portals Card More portal problems! This time they've gotten too strong and are sucking in players. Players near a portal will be moved to that space.
Written by Ian
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