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Key Quest awards both items and Neopoints. As you play the game you gain Neopoints whenever you land on (or simply pass over) the Neopoint Squares on the gameboard. When you finish the game, you're rewarded with whatever your Neopoint total is!

Once you complete a game of Key Quest, you will also be awarded a Vault Key that you can use to unlock prizes in the Key Quest Prize Vault! Vault Keys come in Gold, Silver, Bronze and Lead.

Redeeming a Vault Key

To redeem any of the Vault Keys you win in Key Quest, you need to visit the Key Quest Vault . Once you're there, you will see that the vaults which correspond to the keys you've earned are lit up! To use a key, simply click on the correct vault and confirm that you do want to use your key.

When you redeem a key, it awards you with a set number of items - from Codestones to Neggs to paint brushes! Gold keys award four items; silver award three; bronze two and lead just one.

You can only redeem a total of 10 Vault Keys per day, but you can keep earning as many as you want - and save them for a day when you can't play as much!


There are two main types of prizes that you can win from Key Quest, year-round and seasonal. The year-round prizes are available to be won... you guessed it, all year long. The seasonal prizes on the other hand are themed prizes that are available for weeks or months at a time during specific times of the year. When you use a key, you will be awarded with a combination of year-round prizes and the current seasonal prizes.

From the drop-down menu below, you will be able to view all the prizes that have been given out by the games, from the year-round prizes, to current and past seasonal prizes. Have a look!

Year-Round Prizes*

Paint Brushes (only awarded when redeeming gold keys)
Map Pieces
Toys and Gifts

*The Summer 2009 seasonal prizes were never deactivated, so they remain in the year-round prizes.

2012 Spring Prizes

2008 Winter Prizes

Furniture and Gardening
Toys, Grooming and Gifts
Written by Izzy
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