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Key Quest has a range of powerups that players can use during the game! You obtain a normal powerup every time you pass over one of the Power Up Tile on the game board. Super powerups are a little harder to obtain, and are awarded when you land on the Alignment Tile to which your Token is aligned. You can only carry a total of three powerups (normal or super) at any one time though - if you pick up another after that you will be given the option to discard one of your existing powerups to make room for the new one.

Powerups can only be played before you roll the dice, by selecting the "Play Powerup" option (duh!). You'll then see a screen like the one below where you can choose which powerup you want to play, or just go and roll if you've changed your mind. To play a powerup, simply click "use" on the powerup that you want to play.

Depending on which powerup you've chosen to play, you'll then be prompted to choose a player to target or choose what roll you'd like - or whatever else you need to do to play that particular powerup.

You can keep track of what powerups you (and other players) have by looking at the symbols displayed in the center of the User Display box for each player.

But which powerup does each symbol represent? Here is a quick run-down of each power-up, what it does and its display symbol! Click on any image to enlarge it.

Normal Powerups

Name Symbol Card Description
Battle Dice Battle Dice Icon Battle Dice Card I find this powerup kind of... useless. Use it to activate a duel between yourself an another player - the winner gets to choose a new powerup. Its really only worth the risk if you're desperate!
Boots of Flight Boots of Flight Icon Boots of Flight Card This is a very neat powerup that allows you to roll the dice twice! You will be able to move the sum of your two rolls - for example if you're lucky enough to roll two sixes, you can move twelve spaces. :)
Bottled Quicksand Bottled Quicksand Icon Bottled Quicksand Card When you play this power-up on an opponent, it forces them to skip their next turn - just perfect if someone has almost won and you need an extra turn to catch up!
Note: This power-up can only be found in three or four player games.
Catapult Catapult Icon Catapult Card The Catapult, when played on an opponent in Key Quest, sends them back to their home square. You can also play this power-up on yourself, to send yourself home - particularly useful if you've collected all your keys and your home is closer to the gate than your current position!
Note: This power-up can only be found in three or four player games.
Distraction Potion Distraction Potion Icon Distraction Potion Card This powerup allows you to swap one of your keys for another player's. It can be used either to gain you a key you're missing (in exchange for one you had duplicates of naturally), or to stop another player from winning by taking a key that they only had one copy of.
Giant Lint Ball Giant Lint Ball Icon Giant Lint Ball Card A nasty powerup if its played against you, the Giant Lint Ball will stop the player it is used on from collecting any keys or powerups during their next turn. Its a good one to have up your sleeve though, for when you need to stop an opponent collecting a certain key! If this is played on you then you will not be able to collect keys or powerups at all - even using thieving powerups.
Giant Rock Mote Giant Rock Mote Icon Giant Rock Mote Card With this powerup, the player gets to choose a direction and send a giant rolling rock mote along fifteen squares - knocking any player it hits unconscious, and forcing them to miss a turn! Watch out though, while the player gets to choose the initial direction of the mote when it reaches corners, the mote will choose for itself which way it goes.
Note: This power-up can only be found in three or four player games.
Key Grabber Key Grabber Icon Key Grabber Card This is probably my favourite power-up to receive in Key Quest. With it, you can steal a key from any other player! Use it to simply steal a key that you need, or steal a key to force another player to go back and collect it again.
Note: This power-up can only be found in three or four player games.
Loaded Gummy Dice Loaded Gummy Dice Icon Loaded Gummy Dice Card This is one of the best power ups in the game, and allows you to choose the value of your next turn! It is excellent for ensuring that you land on a specific square, or just for helping you move as far as you can in just one turn.
Misdirected Compass Misdirected Compass Icon Misdirected Compass Card With this broken compass, you can make any player turn around and head back in the other direction! Aside from the obvious use of turning an opponent away from a key that they need, you can also use it on yourself to save you walking in circles around the board to collect all the keys. :)
Mortog Mortog Icon Mortog Card You're never too old for a good game of leapfrog, so use this powerup to jump one square ahead of another player. You will end up in the square directly ahead of the player you choose, moving in the same direction as they are.
Pile of Dung Pile of Dung Icon Pile of Dung Card Who wants to walk through dung, right? You can use this powerup to change one square on the board into dung. This effectively prevents anyone from passing that square for the next round of turns. Excellent for blocking the path to a key that your opponents need, or for stopping them from getting to the door.
Pocket Minigame Pocket Minigame Icon Pocket Minigame Card Are minigames your strong point? Then this is the powerup for you! When played, a random minigame is activated and everyone participates. Obviously, as its random, you don't get to choose which game is played - so there is a risk of helping your opponents more than yourself.
Note: This power-up can only be found in three or four player games.
Pocket Portal Pocket Portal Icon Pocket Portal Card With this powerup you can choose one of the Portal squares and teleport there from anywhere on the gameboard. Useful for getting from one side of the board to another quickly, or simply moving a few extra spaces in one turn.
Rainbow Fountain Water Rainbow Fountain Water Icon Rainbow Fountain Water Card This is a neat little powerup, which you can use to change the colour of either one of your own keys or one of an opponent's. Very useful if someone else is about to win, or if you have duplicates of one colour but need another!
Rainbow Sticky Hand Rainbow Sticky Hand Icon Rainbow Sticky Hand Card A favourite with thieves everywhere, the Sticky Hand allows you to pick a player and steal one of their power-ups. Jealous of all those Gummy Dice that your opponents are getting? Just take it from them!
Spare Keyring Spare Keyring Icon Spare Keyring Card Whoever said spare keys were useless? This nifty little powerup will let you choose one player and take any extra keys they might have (leaving them with just one of whatever colours they had). This powerup doesn't really have much effect on your opponent, but can be very useful for you if you manage to nab spares in a colour you didn't have!
Swap Keyring Swap Keyring Icon Swap Keyring Card Look at this as an uber version of the Distraction Potion: instead of simply swapping one key with your opponent, swap them all! Particularly useful if they've got a full set and you are near the door *cackles*

Note: This power-up can only be found in three or four player games.
Tornado Ring Tornado Ring Icon Tornado Ring Card A powerup for all the gamblers out there, the Torando Ring will take the powerups of the user it is played on and replace them randomly with something else! This can be both good and bad, depending on what powerups are drawn. You can also play this one on yourself if you think the powerups you have aren't any good.
Transporter Helmet Transporter Helmet Icon Transporter Helmet Card When you put on this Helmet, you will be able to switch positions with another player - you'll even get to pick which player you switch with!
Virtudice Virtudice Icon Virtudice Card The powerup for all those who use their Gummy Dice to move the maximum number of squares, the Virtudice will automatically make you roll a six on your next turn.

Super Powerups

Name Symbol Card Description
Super Boots of Flight Super Boots of Flight Icon Super Boots of Flight Card Very much like the normal version, the Super Boots of Flight allow you to roll the dice three times, and move the total of all three rolls. This means you can move up to eighteen spaces in just one turn if you're lucky!
Super Catapult Super Catapult Icon Super Catapult Card Again, the Super Catapult is similar to its normal counterpart. This time, you can send two players back to their home tiles - one of those players can even be yourself if you like, or you can just send two of your opponents home.
Super Key Grabber Super Key Grabber Icon Super Key Grabber Card If you love the normal Key Grabber, the Super version is even better - steal two of your opponent's keys, rather than just one. :D
Super Pile of Dung Super Pile of Dung Icon Super Pile of Dung Card Even smellier than the regular Pile of Dung, the Super version allows you to choose two squares on the board to replace with dung! Use it to block two players at once... or to block both directions of movement for one player. An example of its use can be seen here.
Written by Izzy
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