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If you've ever played Monopoly, then you'll know what I mean when I say that Neopian Character cards are like the Chance cards. Even if you haven't played Monopoly, "chance" cards is an apt description: they're basically a chance action, and can be either good or bad. You will activate a Neopian Character card whenever a player lands on the Question Tile.

Question Tile
The Question Tile

Currently, once a player activates a Character card it affects all the players in the game!

Character Card Description
Bree Bree Card Bree is the guardian faerie of Key Quest, and as such her effect is generally helpful. When activated, this Character card will place three extra keys onto the board - allowing more opportunities for players to collect each colour!
The Dark Faerie Sisters The Dark Faerie Sisters Card These mischievous sisters love to be a nuisance, and if a player activates their Character card they will randomly switch the colours of all the keys on the board! Their effect can be both irritating and helpful, depending on how close you were to a key you wanted and how far away it is now. The sisters will also switch around the colours of any keys Bree has added to the board.
Grimtooth Grimtooth Card Best known for his starring role in Bilge Dice, Grimtooth doesn't like Key Quest much - he's afraid it will detract from his fame if it gets too popular. In an attempt to make people like it a little less, he will stop players rolling anything higher than a three for their next turn!
Jerdana Jerdana Card One of the best Neopian Characters you can come across, Jerdana will grant each player a random powerup. Obviously since its random, you may not get a great powerup but its the thought that counts right?
King Roo King Roo Card This is probably my favourite Neopian Character card in the game so far. The Dice-a-roo-loving King of Roo Island will allow each player to roll his special 12-sided dice for their next turn! This means if you're lucky, you can move a total of 12 spaces in just one turn. :)
King Skarl King Skarl Card Never trust a man who lets his stomach rule his mood - Skarl is no different. Since he's feeling particularly grumpy whenever any Key Quest players disturb his lunch, he will send everyone back to their home squares.
Written by Izzy
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