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Key Quest has a variety of mini-games that players can play against each other during their game. Mini-games are a lot of fun, and add another dimension to the overall game of Key Quest :) There are many different types of mini-games, from catching Petpetpets in Petpetpet Snare to pairing up Novas in Nova Matcher!

A random mini-game is activated whenever a player lands on the Mini-Game Tile - that's the purple one with the three yellow stars.

Once a mini-game is activated, a screen will pop-up to let you know which game you've drawn and to give you some basic instructions on how to play it. After you are happy that you know what is coming, you can click "Okay" to let everyone else know that you're ready to play - once all users have indicated their readiness, the game will begin.

The best part of the mini-games is, of course, their rewards! Each player is awarded some Neopoints depending on how well they scored in the game, and the winner gets to choose an additional prize - either any coloured key or one of three random powerups! This makes winning mini-games a very important part of any player's strategy, as winning keys from them means that you have to cover less of the board to collect all the keys. The powerups can be useful too, if you are able to pick a decent one.

Finally, here is a quick guide to each of the mini-games that are currently playable as part of Key Quest!

Berry Blaster

In this mini-game, you use your mouse to explode the berries which are growing on your tree. Different colour berries stay on the tree for longer than others, and the shorter they're there the more points you'll receive if you can catch them!

When you play this game, remember:

  • Learn which berries are worth more points - Grey ones are worth 3pts each, Red berries are with 2pts, and finally the Purple ones are worth just 1pt.
  • Speed is essential, both to catch the correct berries and to avoid letting your opponents blast all the berries first! Try to make sure your mouse area is clear on your desk to avoid getting caught out ;)
  • Go for the "bunches" of berries... obviously, the more berries there are close together, the easier it'll be for you to blast them all before they vanish.

Flower Frenzy

This mini-game is a flower version of Techo Says. You have to watch a sequence and repeat it when it your turn. The player who gets the most sequences right wins the mini-game.

When you play Flower Frenzy, keep in mind:

  • The rocks around flowers light up to indicate you the sequence. When it's your turn, click on flowers in the order given by the sequence.
  • As you click on flowers, the background of the square changes color. White means you got it right and red means you made a mistake.
  • Sometimes, the flowers won't light up when you click on them, but the click still counts so be careful.
  • Stay focussed on the game. A second of inattention could make the difference between defeat and victory.

Fruit Picker

In this game, you use your mouse to pick fruit of a tree with your clippers and then drop said fruit into your basket. To pick a piece of fruit, simply click on it and drag down to the correctly coloured basket.

For this game, watch out for:

  • Make sure you only put fruit into the basket which matches your token colour. Wouldn't want to collect fruit for the other players!
  • The first player to move gains an extra "bonus" point at the beginning of the game. This is so, if two players collect identical numbers of fruit, the game can still have a winner. Getting that extra point is pretty important if you are evenly matched with another player.
  • Pick fruit directly above your basket first. This way, you don't have to drag it very far and can simply let it fall into place.

Ghastly Guzzler

In this mini game, you will face off by seeing who can feed the Esophagor the most food. Clicking as often as you can, shoot to food into his mouth. Once the Esophagor is full, he will feel sick and vomit everything up. When he starts turning a pail green he's about to become ill. This is time to press the down arrow where your character is located to avoid being hit. If the vomit does hit you, you will lose points.

Some quick tips for this game are:

  • Constantly shoot food at him. He opens and closes his mouth fairly quickly, even when he's moving around the board. You never know what may go in!
  • Try aiming your hand around the middle of his mouth, or just above, depending how close he is to you.
  • Click the down arrow just before he's about the throw up his food. If you hit it too soon, you may get hit and lose points

Neogarden Grow

For this game, you play gardener and attempt to grow four flowers. You start of with a watering can and seeds, each seed needs to be watered twice before its ready for harvesting. Once your flower in in bloom, switch to the clippers by clicking the buttons in the top right corner and then use those to harvest your flower!

When you're playing this game, remember:

  • Its quicker to water all four seeds first, and then switch to the clippers and harvest all four at once. This saves time switching between the tools.
  • Watch the little symbols under the player's names. As they harvest each flower, the symbols will be filled in, so this should give you an idea of how they are going.
  • If you can, water two seeds at once. Again, this saves time over your opponents.

Nova Matcher

In Nova Matcher you select pairs of matching Novas by using your mouse to click them. Once Novas have been matched with their partners, they vanish from the gameboard.

This game is pretty simple, but a couple of tips for it are:

  • Try and match Novas what are close together first, as you'll gain more points quickly that way.
  • If you and your opponents clear the board before the time runs out, you'll get another lot of Novas to match in the remaining time - which means more points (and thus more Neopoints) for you at the end of the game :)
  • Watch out for the Novas who differ from another type of Nova only in eye-colour - in the rush of trying to click the pairs before your opponent, make sure you don't accidently try to match these similar Novas together!


Here you will face off against each other to collect the most orbs. To move, click on an adjacent blue orb that is next to you. Each blue orb you move to will add 25 points to your score. If you pass through any pink orbs, you will be rewarded 125 points for each pink orb.But be careful! There are craters below you! If they explode while you are near, you will be stunned for a few seconds, unable to move.

Here are some quick tips for Orbliteration:

  • Move to a blue orb that has a lot of pink orbs near it. Here you can sit on the orb and collect the pink orbs by simply clicking on them. You don't have to move locations.
  • When the orbs start to shake, that means the crater below you is about to explode. Quickly move out of the way to avoid being stunned.

Petpet Pamper

This mini-game is really simple. You are standing in front of a very dirty red Meowclops and must clean it with your water hose. To make it a little more difficult, the petpet refuses to stay still. As you guessed, that must have something to do with the temperature of the water...

Here are a few tips to help you scoring in this mini-game:

  • Your water hose is controlled by your mouse and you spray water by clicking on your left button.
  • Follow the muddy parts of the Meowclops when it moves around instead of straying water randomly.
  • It's easier to aim at the biggest dirty areas first because you won't have to move as much.
  • Watch your score and when it stops to increase, move to another area of the Meowclops.

Petpet Pond

Here you will be fishing against each other for the most points. Simply cast your line by clicking near the fish you hope to reel in. If your fish attaches to your bobber, your fish will start squirming and pulling on the line. Start clicking really fast to bring home your catch otherwise, he'll head back to the pond!

Some quick tips to catch fish:

  • The size of the fish determines how difficult it is to reel him in. (Bumblebee's are worth 25 points, Nuranna's are worth 50 and Goldie's are worth 100)
  • Try to cast your line by a group of fish. This increases your odds of one of them attaching onto your hook.
  • Don't cast your line too close to your targeted fish! Doing so may hit him and stun him for a few seconds. This will give him less time to try and attach to the bobber before having you cast your line again.
  • If your targeted fish is not attaching in the first few seconds, move on to another fish.

Petpetpet Snare

In this game, you use your mouse to draw loops around the petpetpets. Petpetpets are only caught when you complete a loop around them, and the text pops up to say that it was a Perfect Loop, like in the screenshot below.

Some good strategies for this game are:

  • Always catch Petpetpets of the Target Species first - once all those are gone, the Target will change to another petpetpet. You gain more points for collecting petpetpets of the target species than you do for the other ones!
  • If you have two petpetpets that are close together, always try to catch them in the same as you'll gain more points that way.
  • The best size of the loops you make will really depend on how many people you are playing against. In two-player games, using larger loops can be better as you catch more petpetpets in one move. The same can also be true in games with more players, but with more people catching the petpetpets you may find that by the time you make your larger loop all the petpetpets in it might've already been caught.
  • Remember, loops do not have to be circular - sometimes, the smaller triangular loops are faster to complete ;)

Shenkuu Showers

The goal here is to keep the petpets dry from the rain by using your umbrella to protect them (they will start to glow when someone is covering them). Watch out for the dark clouds as you do not want their lightning bolts to hit you. If it does, your umbrella will be fried, leaving your petpets to get wet and it gives a chance for your opponent to cover them!

Some tips to help you win are:

  • Try to cover a group of two or more petpets at the same time. Doing so will earn you extra points.
  • The orange lightning power up that falls from the sky doubles your points for 10 seconds.
  • The blue umbrella power up that falls from the sky will double the size of your umbrella for 10 seconds.
  • The orange cloud power up that falls from the sky will make your umbrella immune from lightning bolts for 10 seconds.
  • Stay away from lightning from the pink clouds. Getting hit will shrink your umbrella for 10 seconds.

Spyder Scare

Like most of the other mini-games in Key Quest, you use your mouse to control this game. Moving your cursor left or right across the screen will cause your Spyder to move in the same direction along the top of the mini-game screen. If you watch the light coming out of your Spyder's eyes you will notice that it moves back and forth in front of the Spyder - this indicates the direction that your Spyder will move when you click the left mouse button and trigger him to go and collect something.

Things to keep in mind when you're playing this game are:

  • Collect the closest items first, as the more items you can collect quickly the higher your score will be.
  • Once you're down to the bottom layers of items, try to grab the Orbs as these have some neat effects on the game :) The Silver ones will speed you up, allowing you to collect the items faster; while the Dark ones will temporarily freeze your opponent in place!
  • Watch where the other players are moving as well. Occasionally if you cross paths with another player your progress is slowed (or even frozen entirely) which is pretty annoying!

Retired Games

Daring Dig

This is a cute little game, where you play a Zomutt who is racing to dig your way to the finish line before everyone else! You use either your arrow keys or your mouse to guide the Zomutt through the dirt, collecting gems along the way for extra points.

For this game, some tips are:

  • Use the arrow keys to play. While your mouse will work, the arrow keys are quicker and speed is important in this game.
  • The darker the colour of the dirt, the longer it will take you to dig through it. It at all possible, take the path of the lightest colour.
  • Watch out for things in the dirt, these obstacles make the dirt impossable to dig in so you will have to go around!
  • Strategy is important for this game. It is possible to win without collecting any gems at all, though they help. This is because you get 10 points for reaching the finish line and once you do a timer is activated, giving the other players only a short time to also reach the finish. If they are too far from the finish and haven't collected enough gems to beat you, then you will win ;)

Faerie Labyrinth

This mini-game is a very simple little maze; guide your Faellie through the labyrinth to reach the treasure in the middle before everyone else. You can move your Faellie either with the arrow keys on your keyboard, or with your mouse. Its not all that easy though - watch out for the switches you'll need to unblock your path!

When you're playing this game, remember:

  • To open the coloured doors or deactivate the electrical zappers, you just need to run over the switch of the same colour.
  • If your opponents are getting too close to reaching the treasure (or you just feel like slowing them down) you can also close coloured doors or reactivate the electrical zappers in their path by going over the appropriate coloured switch again!
  • When you approach a wooden door, click on it a couple of times to break it down.
  • You gain a point for each wooden door you break down so don't take another player's already opened door just because its quicker - that extra point might be all you need to win in the end.

Poogle Carnival Racing

In this game, you use your mouse to throw darts at a target in the middle of the screen. As each dart hits, your poogle moves further along the racetrack. First poogle to the finish wins!

Pointers for this game are:

  • To throw a dart, drag your mouse and create a red arrow in the direction you want the dart to go.
  • Hitting the centre of the target (obviously) gives you more points. If you can find a spot to drag your arrows which lets you hit the centre then you'll be more likely to win the race.
Written by Izzy
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