Part 7- Surprise Attack

1. Choose Your Allegiance
2. The War Begins
3. Second Assault
4. Raiding Party
5. Offensive Strike
6. Final Invasion
7. Surprise Attack
9. Prizes
10. After the Truce
11. Skirmishes

Mysterious Obelisk
Battledome Opponents
Challengers Guide
Scanning for Relics (NC)
Digging out the Obelisk
Luminous Casks (NC)
Faction Challenges
War Forums
Skirmish Guide
Factions introduction videos:
Thieves Guild - The Sway - The Order of the Red Erisim - Brute Squad - Seekers - The Awakened
For your information: This step is no longer completeable.


Just when you thought the day was won... something totally unexpected appears in the middle of battle, like an apparition of your worst fear. It happens.

How to Help Your Faction

Unlike the first five waves, factions are now confronted with a single, formidable opponent. Each faction receives a different opponent as follows:

(Click to view Challenger Profile)
(The Order)

Head over to the Battledome and test your skills against the worst of the worst!

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There are two new hidden achievements for the Surprise Attack. As of now, the exact solutions are unknown. However, many users are unlocking the achievements over the course of regular battling.

Achievement How to Unlock Prize

Neopet SMASH!

Small but mighty means small but MIGHTY.

Pea Chia Plushie

'Tis Just A Scratch

Look at you, unlocking an achievement. That deserves some recognition

Healing Springs Stamp

Do Your Part

To make sure everyone gets a fair shot at the enemies, only a certain amount of battles counts towards your faction. You will have done your part if you fight 300 enemies on the mighty difficulty, 350 times on strong or 400 times on average. A nice surprise for this seemingly impossible fight is that, even after defeat, your pet will return to full health after the battle.

You can see how far along you are by checking out the "Doing Your Part" meter underneath your war battle stats. Once you've completed all your battles, you'll get a full meter with a checkmark:

After filling your bar, you can continue to battle, if you wish, and your stats will continue to be tracked on the obelisk page.You will also notice that, each time you battle your opponent, their health will start off lower than in the last battle. There may yet be hope to defeat them!

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