Part 1-Choose Your Allegiance

1. Choose Your Allegiance
2. The War Begins
3. Second Assault
4. Raiding Party
5. Offensive Strike
6. Final Invasion
7. Surprise Attack
9. Prizes
10. After the Truce
11. Skirmishes

Mysterious Obelisk
Battledome Opponents
Challengers Guide
Scanning for Relics (NC)
Digging out the Obelisk
Luminous Casks (NC)
Faction Challenges
War Forums
Skirmish Guide
Factions introduction videos:
Thieves Guild - The Sway - The Order of the Red Erisim - Brute Squad - Seekers - The Awakened

Who Will You Choose?

Something is afoot in Tyrannia... This could be big. Possibly even bigger than that time Bug Eye McGee followed you everywhere. Yeah, definitely bigger than that.

The obelisk is swarming with numerous factions, all bent on seizing the mysterious tower for their own purposes. Nefarious? Undoubtedly! There's no way these factions can come to any kind of rational agreement. It's going to be war!

After watching all the recruitment videos, it's up to you which faction you pledge allegiance to.

Thieves Thieves Guild:
Looking For Trouble?

You, join the Thieves Guild? Heh, why not. I could use someone like you. You can stand there and look impressive while we rob everyone.

The Sway:
How Did You Find Us?

You weren't followed, were you? Good. Help yourself to the hot cocoa. We have much to discuss -- that is, if you're willing to swear your allegiance.

OrderOrder of the Red Erisim:
The Magic Is Strong In You.

Splendid, we could use some new blood around here. You'd better be trained, though. We won't waste time; there's an obelisk waiting.

Brute Squad:
You Look Tough, But...

Do you have what it takes to join the Brute Squad? If people regularly run screaming when you enter the Battledome, you've come to the right place.

Seekers Seekers:
Wise Of You To Seek Us.

Well -- here you are, and here we are, with the greatest collection of minds Neopia has ever known. Don't be shy. We have much to teach you.

We Like You. Come Play.

Welcome. We are glad you are here
for the awakening of all our friends.
There is much we must do to claim
the mysterious obelisk. Will you join us?

Once You've Joined

Now that you've declared your allegiance, you notice the excavation is swarming with other factions. The coming battle is inevitable; the only question is when.

Now that you've chosen a faction, it appears we must wait until all the armies have assembled before the battle can commence. The commanders offer up some advice while you wait for the war to begin...

SwayFrom the Thieves Guild: "Get ready -- other factions are mobilising and we don't have much time if we are to keep the element of surprise."

Brute From The Sway:

"The battle will begin soon. See that all your preparations are completed beforehand; our plans do not include rescuing you."

From the Order of the Red Erisim: "Is that all the powdered Gikerot fang you're bringing? This is a battle, not some festival of egg-like fruit. Prepare yourself."

From the Brute Squad: "It is hard to wait, knowing our enemies are too blind to see our strength and fear it. But we must strike at the right moment."

Awakened From the Seekers: "Yes, hmm. It seems there will be fighting. I've devised a plan, but please arrange strategies of your own, in case we are drawn apart in the chaos."

From the Awakened: "Hurray. Let us go forth to the obelisk where we will cavort and frolic merrily. Prepare yourself; there are always those who will try to stop us, the meanies."

Waiting is the hardest part. Come back on February 28th to see what happens when the six factions take to the wilds of Tyrannia and clash in the ultimate battle!

Written by stream27
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