Mysterious Dig Site

Earthquake in Tyrannia

Help out the nomad digging crew! "What an earthquake, eh? You must be with the digging crew. Care to help us excavate?" Click here to go to the digging site. You can dig after every 15 minutes in an hour. For example between: 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45 etc. There is a daily limit though, every Neopian can only dig 20 times per day!


The digging component seems to be done for now, but you can still help the research team scan for NC relics.

Behold, an obelisk... how very mysterious. How long has this been sleeping beneath Neopia's surface?

Dig Site

Word has gotten around that something big has been discovered. Even now, forces are mobilising to investigate the obelisk... and perhaps, claim it for themselves.

Digging Prizes!




Neohome Furniture




Written by Viridian
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The Snowager
Snowager is sleeping!
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Jul 14: 8 OR 9 AM/PM NST
Jul 15: 1 OR 2 AM/PM NST
Jul 16: 6 OR 7 AM/PM NST
Jul 17: 11 OR 12 AM/PM NST
Obelisk War: Truce
Next cycle: 4d, 1h, 54m
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