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Starting Out

Choosing your Map

Puddle Lake (the third map) is strongly suggested because it has plenty of all the different resources.

Building your Habitarium

When you start, you will have 5000 of each resource. Start out with buying one Storage, one House, and 2 Nests. Your goal is to expand your P3 population so you have more gatherers to earn you resources and EXP.

At the start, one Soldier will be enough. Your population level will be low and you will need to maximize that for workers and nesters.

Houses should be your main form of resting and feeding your P3s. Avoid gathering Pollen, Water and Grass to buy food as they aren't necessary and a waste of gatherers. Wood, Mud and Stone should be your focus as you will be needing them for buildings and upgrades later on.

Keep some Eggs in your Bag

The lifespan of a P3s is a week if they are fully taken care of. Discarding Eggs might be tempting at 200EXP per discard, but be sure you have enough eggs in your bag as back-up for when your P3s die out. Have at least one page of Workers, half a page of Nesters, and half a page of Soldiers. This will be important especially early on in the game as your Nests are slow in producing eggs.

Levelling Up

There are two main methods of levelling up your Habitarium.

Focus on Workers

  • This involves leaving your Habitarium open for a long time every day. Your Workers will only gather resources when your Habitarium is open. It's a slow and steady process, but you will be accumulating a lot of resources as well as gaining EXP from them.

Focus on Nesters

  • For those with limited access to their computer, focusing on Nesters might be a better option. The idea is to have more nests and nesters than you have Workers. Have your Workers still gather resources when you have time on, but leave Nesters in their Nests the rest of the time, since Nesters will still incubate Eggs even when Habitarium is closed.

    As mentioned before, discarding an Egg is worth 200EXP. This method will give you more Eggs to discard and earn you EXP in the process.

If you can be on to watch your Habitarium through the day, using a combination of the two will get your level up much faster. Leave your Workers to gather, and discard some Eggs along the way. You'll be up to level 50 in no time!

What about Soldiers?

Soldiers only serve to keep the pests away and occasionally build and repair for you. Having one Soldier per 10 Workers/Nesters should be enough to keep peace in your Habitarium. Although at level 50, pests tend to attack more frequently, so add another one or two Soldiers.

Managing Your Habitarium

Now that you've picked your strategy, here are a few tips on how to run your Habitarium efficiently.

Block paths to your Storage

At the start, you can do so simply by putting a cheap decoration on front of your Storage. Later on, it can look like the image above.

Blocking your Storages will prevent your Workers from leaving their gathering spot and having to walk to the Storage. It will save you time and animation lag.

Block three sides of a resource

Again, use decorations or even buildings to block three sides of a resource. This way, only one side of it is open for the P3s to gather, and they won't keep shifting positions while gathering. This also saves you time and prevents the game from lagging further.

Zoom your screen in

Zooming up to the maximum and moving your screen to a corner will cut down on the animation lag and you aren't tempted to keep checking back on your Habi. Just leave it for a few hours and come back.

At Level 50

You've made it! Level 50 is currently the highest level you can attain from Habitarium. At Level 50, your green EXP bar changes to a purple one. You still earn EXP from your game but it is now converted to a purple gem worth 500NP each when your bar is filled.

This is how a lot of players earn NP easily: keep playing! Keep using whatever levelling strategy you've used to get to level 50 and keep filling up that purple bar. Over time, the gems will accumulate and give you at least 50k a day.

Excess resources

If you use the gathering method, you will soon find yourself with a lot of resources you don't need. You have a few options:

  • Buy more Storages. Building and upgrading buildings also earns you EXP, which will fill up your bar quickly. Move your full Storages to your bag and replace them with empty ones.
  • Buy and upgrade different buildings. Look at what excess resources you have and buy different types of buildings, build them and upgrade them. You can discard them later on and your Storages will have more room for more resources.
  • Gift your Neighbours. Not only will they appreciate the help, but you use up resources you don't need

Too many gems!

Be aware - avoid leaving your Habitarium on too long and letting purple gems accumulate all throughout your board. Some players have experienced getting locked out of their Habitarium because of this. Occasionally gathering your gems will help you prevent this.

Refresh occasionally

Habitarium is still very glitchy. Some actions don't go through the game if it's been open too long. Refresh once in a while to make sure all your P3s are in their proper places. DO NOT refresh when your board is full of gems, though, as this can lead to a lock-out.


You are now equipped with everything you need to know about Habitarium. Have fun playing!

Written by Kaie
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