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Another important part of this game is the market. Here you can buy items that will go into your bag, which can then be placed on your board.

The Market

Number Description
1 This is the scroll bar. Use it to scroll through the items in the category you are in.
2 This is your current resource balance. It will tell you exactly how much of each resource you have when you open the market.
3 This is the cost of an item. Different items need different resources.
4 This is the item name.
5 This is the item image, it shows how it will look on your board. Hover over the image to see more details.
6 These are the item categories. Clicking on them will let you view different types of items.
7 These are the sub-categories. Clicking on these will let you filter items by other characteristics (e.g. NC only items).
8 This means you already have this item in your bag. The number next to it shows how many you have.

Your Bag

Number Description
1 This is the category bar. Here you can choose if you want to see your eggs, food, buildings, decorations or ink.
2 This is an item. Drag this onto your board to place it.
3 Use this to scroll though your pages of items.

Ink Bottles and Droppers

Within your Habitarium, you can paint your petpetpets and your buildings different colours. Currently, there are only NeoCash colours for petpetpets - Faerie & Pirate, each 100 NC.

For your buildings, you can buy ink to colour them either Red, Yellow or Blue with resources your petpetpets harvest. There are also Faerie, Pirate, Mootix, Larnikin and Pinchit Inks for your buildings that can be bought with NeoCash, which will change the appearance of the building to that colour. When you click on a building, along the bottom of the data screen a dropper with an "X" next to it will appear. Clicking this will restore your building to its normal color.

Neocash Items

As with many activities on Neopets, there are extra items you can purchase with Neocash. These items aren't necessary to succeed at Habitarium, but they do make your Habi life just a bit easier. And prettier!

The main draw on Neocash in P3H is the ink. Ink is used in the game to paint petpetpets (like paint brushes) and buildings. For instance, you can use the Chocolate, Pirate or Faerie Droppers to paint your petpetpets. In addition, there are 5 Ink Bottles for buildings. These are Mootix, Pinchit, Larkin, Faerie, and Pirate. Each bottle has 10 drops. You can reverse the effects of a dropper by selecting something it's been used on and clicking the dropper with the "X" next to it (shown in the data area).

Another thing you can use your Neocash for is supplies. There are four supplies, each with a different purpose. The Pebble Hammer will immediately and completely repair a building, up to five times. The Magical Marshmallow will make all Petpetpets less tired as long as it is on the habitat. The Magical Meatball increases the "fullness" of Petpetpets as long as it is on the habitat, while the Magican Mini Honeycomb does the same with health.

The last thing is the decorations. Out of the 6 NC Decoration items, two are the Faerieland and Pirate backgrounds. The Rainbow Spring is the only item that can be put over water, whereas the other three are pretty much animated decorations.

One last thing to remember is that these are not bought in the mall, but within the in-game market. Happy buying!

Still More!

Now that you know about the market and using your items, you should learn about the first tab, the Buildings (and building ink).

Written by Ian
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