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The Focus

The most important part of the game is to keep your petpetpets alive. Petpetpets harvest your resources, build and repair your buildings, and fight off pests.

The Petpetpets

The first thing you should know is a bit about petpetpets. Petpetpets, or P3s are found all over Neopia in a variety of species that attach to your Petpets. However, in your Habitarium, you only find three species of P3s.





You may notice that these P3s have a white ring on the ground around them, indicating that they are selected. You can view the available data on your selected P3 by looking at the P3 data area and using the arrows on the sides to scroll through it, starting at the P3's lifespan.

Let's start with the one on the left: it shows the skills of your petpet. Workers and Nesters have 3 skills, whereas Soldiers have two. The fuller the bar is, the better that P3 is at the skill.

The middle image shows the basic data. It tells you the P3's profession and species. Below that, the P3's level and lifespan are displayed. As the petpetpet gets older, the bar gets further along, and you reach the 2nd and 3rd gems. If a P3 is at the first gem and dies, you gain 50xp. At the 2nd gem, you get 100xp, and once they reach the 3rd level, they leave a gem worth 150xp.

Upgrading your P3s is essential. It gives your P3s more health and stamina so they can do their jobs for longer without needing to eat or rest.

  • Level 2 Upgrade - Available at Level 11 for 25 pollen, 50 water, and 25 grass
  • Level 3 Upgrade - Available at Level 31 for 30 pollen, 60 water, and 30 grass

The last image shows the P3's health. The heart marks the health bar, which decreases if the P3 is attacked by enemies. The Fork and Knife represent food - the accompanying bar gets low when a P3 is hungry. The last bar, 'Zz', decreases when the P3 gets tired.

When a P3 needs to heal, eat, or sleep, a thought bubble appears above it, just like when it is breeding. Below is a list of problems and useful solutions, along with a list of P3 skills.

Symbol Buildings that Help Items that Help


Both of the buildings can heal your P3. The Hospital heals Health quicker, and Houses heal everything equally.

Small, Medium, and Large Droplets of Nectar
Feeding them to your P3s will help them regain health. The Large Droplet of Nectar lasts the longest.


Houses and Hospitals decrease your P3's hunger.

Cornmeal, Speck of Cheese, and Bacon Crumb
If a P3 eats them, they will become full. The Bacon Crumb lasts the longest.


Houses are an ideal place to rest your P3s.

Apple Bite, Candy Sprinkle, and Bit of Berry Jelly
If a P3 eats them, they will become well rested. The Bit of Berry Jelly lasts the longest.
Type Main Job Other Job(s)

Workers also build and repair buildings the fastest. They can also fight, but are weaker than Soldiers.

Nesters can gather, but will be slower than Workers. They can also fight, but are the weakest of all P3 species.

Soldiers can also build and repair. For efficiency, keep your Workers gathering and let your Soldiers build and repair.


When you don't have anything selected, the data area shows your population. The first number will be how many P3s you currently have, and the second number will be your maximum population at any given time. The higher your level is, the more P3s you can have.


Pests are something you have to deal with on occasion. They can attack at any time and attempt to destroy your resources, buildings, and even P3s.

Hang your head in shame little pest!

When pests attack, Soldiers will automatically move to fight them. Workers and Nesters are also capable of fighting, but it's best to leave that to the Soldiers. Once a pest has been defeated, it will leave a red gem worth 30exp

Red gem

To give you an idea of the damage pests can do, here are some images of decayed objects.

Moving On

Now that you know all there is to know about the P3s, you should try learning more about the resources, the second most important thing in the game.

Written by Ian
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