Wheel Of Excitement

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Way up in the Neopian skies, hidden behind the clouds, is the magical place of faerie lands. Here you can find the most delicious foods, caring faeries and mystical places. It is here where you can find the wheel of excitement. It is guarded by a light faerie.

You can spin this wheel for 500 NP and can spin it every 2 hours.

How to obtain


Space Prize
All of your pets will lose half of their current HP
All of your pets are completely healed
You win 2,500 NP
You win 500 NP
All of your pets loose random HP
You are awarded a random Magic item

The most common prizes are Bottled Faeries, Healing Potions, and Morphing Potions.
You win 1,000 NP
Nothing Happens

Prior to the launch of the New Faerie Abilities, this space would lower your level in a random ability.
Your pet comes down with a disease

Periodically, the disease inflicted will change, but all visitors within the same period will get the same disease.
You win a random about of NP less than 500
You win 5,000 NP
Nothing Happens

You get a message that "something mysterious happens," but nothing actually happens.
Nothing Happens

Currently, this space is glitched. When working, the pant devil steals a random item from your inventory.
You win 400 NP
You win 20,000 NP

The first time you land on this space, you receive the Wheel of Excitement Avatar
Nothing Happens

Prior to the launch of the New Faerie Abilities, this space would raise your level in a random ability.

Old Wheel Art

Prior to the Save the Wheels Event, the wheel looked quite different!

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