Mystic Murmurs

1. Mystic Murmurs
2. The Faeries' Chest
3. Battledome: Snapjaw Wraith
4. Taelia's Brewing Center
5. Murmur, Battle and Potions
6. The Wild Woods
7. The Infirmary
8. Murmur, Battle and Potions Part 3
9. The Infirmary: Part 2
10. The Wild Woods: Finding Fyora
11. The Infirmary: Part 3
12. Murmur, Battle and Potions Part 4
13. The Wild Woods: Finding Kaia
14. The Infirmary: Part 4
15. Fighting Malum
16. The Infirmary: Part 5
17. The Infirmary: Part 6
18. Fiendish Formations
19. The Note and Forgotten Graveyard
20. The Clearing
21. The Finale
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After accepting Aethia's challenge, you are first tasked with completing your first puzzle. To do so, click on Kaia on the Headquarters page.

How to Solve

Kaia seems to be in a trance of some sort. Her eyes are closed and she is murmuring something that makes no sense. As you make a quick note of whatever you hear, you can't help but wonder what it all means. You wish you had some clue.

A mix of letters is listed below, revealing a secret word that may be different for each user.

You will need to go back to the Headquarters and look at the Notes and Notices Kaia has given you. These contain a secret number hidden within the sentence that will help determine what letters you need to click in your Murmur puzzle - and in what order.

Match up your sentences to determine the numbers that correlate to the letters position in your puzzle:

Kaia's Notes Notices
Facing an opponent head on in the Battledome takes a lot of courage. Faeries that are facing opponents in the Battledome are exempt from participating in the Faerie Festival.
Report to the Colonel about any sightings of the wraith! Take care of your belongings. Objects left lying around will be donated to the Money Tree.
A click sound? It worked! Guests that won prizes can collect them from the organizers.
Oh, that wonderful feeling that you get when you use your sk.ills for the good of the world! Once the Faerie Festival has ended, the Soup Faerie will only supply free soup to poor Neopians. Remember, she knows your net worth.
Some memories (like festivals), are worth reexperiencing. Neopians with reentry tickets may use the same ticket to revisit the festival as many times as they wish.
I hope all of our efforts are not in vain! Take care of our land - do not litter!
It is indeed a Golden Ivy Leaf. I verified it against the description in my textbook. To those wondering about the news, or lack thereof, I verify that you will get more information soon.
We aren't the colossi Xandra accused us of being. An unconscious Ixi was found by the soup cauldron. Any information regarding her identity is welcome.
An advice to those venturing into the woods - you never know what you might find... Those venturing into the woods are responsible for their own safety.
The profession of a rose vendor must be really pleasant :) Rose vendors are not allowed inside the festival gates.
We must weigh the odds to avoid making any rash decisions. The joys of attending a festival outweigh the annoyances of large crowds.
The war is currently an inevitable part of every Neopian's life. An inedible species of mushroom has been found in the festival grounds. Refrain from tasting it.

For example if your Notes & Notices give (6-1-3), (8-4-6) and (2-7-7), you will have to determine which one of these solves your puzzle. In this case, if our answer was (8-4-6), our letters would be the 8th letter, the 4th letter after that and the 6th letter after that Then repeat the pattern until solved. Confusing. We know.

After recognizing what your unique code is is, head back to your puzzle to solve by clicking on the letters.


Help! I'm still confused!!!

Here is a visual for you. I clicked my two notices and my one note from Kaia and matched up my sayings in the chart above. In this case, my correct puzzle codes were 3-5-4, 8-4-5. and 1-9-7.

I went back to the Murmur puzzle and determined that my answer lined up with 8-4-5 as follows:


Solving the puzzle will reward you with an exclusive prize and will also take you to the next step location.
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