Battledome: Snapjaw Wraith

1. Mystic Murmurs
2. The Faeries' Chest
3. Battledome: Snapjaw Wraith
4. Taelia's Brewing Center
5. Murmur, Battle and Potions
6. The Wild Woods
7. The Infirmary
8. Murmur, Battle and Potions Part 3
9. The Infirmary: Part 2
10. The Wild Woods: Finding Fyora
11. The Infirmary: Part 3
12. Murmur, Battle and Potions Part 4
13. The Wild Woods: Finding Kaia
14. The Infirmary: Part 4
15. Fighting Malum
16. The Infirmary: Part 5
17. The Infirmary: Part 6
18. Fiendish Formations
19. The Note and Forgotten Graveyard
20. The Clearing
21. The Finale
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After successfully opening The Faeries' Chest you will be redirected back to the location you solved for in Mystic Murmurs. At the top of the page you will be given a new Battledome Challenger notification. The Snapjaw Wraith is now waiting for you!

If you go over to your Achievements Page for the Battledome section, you'll see an empty bar above three achievements to unlock.

Entering the Battledome

When you're ready to take on the Snapjaw Wraith, it can be found in the Rattling Cauldron Dome, or at the bottom of all your challengers. In order to fill up the bar on your Achievements page you'll need to do a certain number of battles. The higher the difficulty you battle on, the less you'll have to battle for the bar to fill up. You will need 20 wins on Easy, 10 wins on Medium and 5 wins on hard to get your bar filled 100%. Once you reach your 100% mark, you may continue battling and your percentage will increase the more you battle.

Here's some helpful information for you to determine which difficulty you may want to start with:

  • Easy: Starting Health of 35
  • Medium: Starting Health of 175
  • Hard: Starting Health of 224
Knowing the amount of damage you can do on your first round of battle, may help you decide which difficulty to start with.

When you've completed your battles your bar will look something like this:

During your battles with the Snapjack Wraith you will be awarded with vials of Wraith Ectoplasm that you will need to bring to Taelia's Brewing Center. The Wraith Ectoplasm's do not count towards your daily limit of 15 items from the Battledome. In order to continue receiving your Wraith Ectoplasm it is recommended that you battle with the Poisonous Spear and/or the Staff of Devilish.


There are three achievements that are available to be unlocked in this step.

Unlocking the Achievements
Oh, Snap! Fill your progress bar to 30%. There is no item prize for this achievement.
Snap, Snap, Snap Fill your progress bar to 70%. There is no item prize for this achievement.
Twas a Snap! Fill your progress bar to 100%.
Poisonous Spear Wand
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