Lutari Island and Neopets Mobile

Note: Neopets Mobile service was discontinued permanently on June 30th 2009. Currently, Lutari Island is being pummeled by a huge storm, making it even more inaccessible.

A little bit about it before diving in. Neopets Mobile is a downloadable application for your cellphone. You can download it from the site, or your provider. Basically it's, well, Mobile Neopets. You can feed, play, and care for your pet, all on your phone.

Lutari Island is what you can explore on your phone. They have a shop, a healing springs, a bank, and a wheel. Also, there are 2 games with Lutari Island; Go Go Lutari! and Blockstravaganza. You can also adopt either a Kacheek, Kougra or Shoyru. You can also adopt the exclusive to Neopets Mobile, the elusive Lutari.

OK, we ready to go? Then let's go!

Getting there

Well, first off you need a phone. Now you can either find it with your service provider, or you can go here . You can also go to and check out Lutari Island and get more info on it. The app is a US$2.99 subscription, which means you'll get billed US$ 2.99 a month for it, until you remove the app.

IMPORTANT: NM (Neopets Mobile) uses mobile internet to connect to the Neopets server! Be sure to check out mobile internet with your provider first before downloading NM! It can get pricey! Also, an important note: Lutari Island and Neopets Mobile is only avaliable to residents of the United States.

Lutari Island

Ok, after you sync to the server, you're in Lutari Island! Here's a quick runaround of the main menu; (clockwise)

  • Adopt a pet/Pet Central
    You can adopt a pet, or check on inventory, check/play/feed/care for your pet. A quick note - you cannot disown a lutari, so be sure you really want one before adopting from here!
  • Explore
    Explore Lutari Island.
  • Games
    Play Go Go Lutari! and Bllockstravaganza here.
  • Sync and quit
    Syncs out, and ends the app. Be sure you do this before you get on, as you can either choose to end session without losing items, (you get 5 per month) or end it and lose ALL your items you downloaded to your phone. Yes, all items in your inventory that you downloaded from your phone! including paintbrushes, lab maps, etc. etc.
  • Options
    You can change user, turn sound on/off, log out and other yada yada.
  • Talisman
    Here, you can refer friends, or enter your referrer. Upon doing this, you and your referrer are rewarded with a Talisman bead! More on it later.


Ok, off we go to explore Lutari Island! When first entering, it will ask you if you want a tour of the island. You can do it if you like, or explore it yourself.

Let's get moving, shall we?

Wheel of Happiness (every half hour)

This wheel is unique to NM. The strange thing about this wheel is it most always lands on 500 or 250. What I've found about it is I can get different results if I jam random directions on the pad (with 'ok' in the middle) enough. Heres a list of the prizes: 500, 250, 10,000, Heal, Feather, Whoops, Evil, and Lose NPs.

Lutari Savings bank

This is an odd bank, as you can deposit all your money and collect interest for it. The type of account you have is reflected of what you have at National Neopian. So if you have 'diamond deposit' at NN you will also have it at the savings bank.

Bog of Charity (every hour

The bog is much like the Money Tree, only it has much better items up for grabs.

Island Gossip

Island gossip is pretty basic. It lets you know what's happening around Neopets.

Survival Academy

Survival academy is much like Swashbuckling Academy or Island Training, they use their own unique currency. For this academy, it's 1 Feather. Feathers can be aquired as a random island event, or the wheel. I don't know the prices, so I can't post them :(

Briana's Quests

Briana, the resident air faerie, may give you a quest during your stay. As with feathers, it's very, very rare.

Flourescent Pools (every 5 minutes)

The pools are much like Healing Springs, only you can get a higher health point recovery here, and they don't sell potions either.

Island Market (3 items every hour)

Ahh, my favorite place. A big advantage here is you can sell some of the items here for a huge payoff. Here's a list of what they sell, and what you can sell them for;

Item Island price Selling price
Weak Bottled Air Faerie 2563 1,000-2,500
Lutango 500 -
Lutari Cocojuice 800 600-1000
Lutari Feathered Dresser 4000 4900-5500
Blue Sandcastle Kit 700 750-1250
Lutari Grundo Plushie 1800 2800-3500
Island Uni Stamp 2000 6000-7500
Krakuberry Juice 3000 -
Lutari Battle Strategies 1600 20-35,000
Lutari Battle Torch 1000 6-10,000
Happy Lutari Stamp 2800 21-30,000
Lutari Tonu Plushie - -
Lutari Defense Helmet 7000 7-10,000
Island Plushie 2700 5000

NOTE - If you don't like what's selling at the market, switch pets! This changes the inventory so you can buy what you want!

Well, thats all for Lutari Island, onto the games!

Go Go Lutari!

If you've played Turmac Roll, this will be remeniscent of it.

  • Controls - Left/Right or 4/6, Speed up/slow down
  • Jump - Up or 2, Jump, double jump
  • Strategy - Basically, just get from one area to the next. After you quit or get a game over, your score is converted to NPs.


This game is very long, and does'nt pay too well. Just make a vertical group of 3 blocks to eliminate them. Pretty easy, huh?

Controls - Up, Down, Left and Right (2, 8, 7 and 6) - Move selector
OK or 5, Swap selected blocks

Difficulty level changes how many colors you have at start.

Well, there's the games. Now, just 2 things left; Talisman and extra help getting NM!

Lutari Talisman

As I said earlier, you get a bead when you sign up for NM. They come in 5 styles, and 4 colors, making 20 beads in all. They are;

Red/Green/Blue/Yellow: Matu, Oranu, Ranaka, Urapa and Tongi.

You also get beads for referring people to NM. When they download the app, you both will get a bead. If you refer enough people, you'll start getting extra beads. you can sell these for 3 to 5 millions a piece since Neopets Mobile has been discontinued. Beads appear in your inventory. Once you put your bead on the talisman, you can't take it off.

What do they do? Well, they do a lot of things. They can increase random events, boost your score in games, and even lower prices in shops scattered around Neopia (not player run shops). The number of beads you have amounts to how often the talisman helps you. Please don't create multiple accounts to get beads! you'll get your account frozen! :(

If you want to know more about the beads an the talisman, try Googling "neopets lutari island help". There are some great sites that offer a bit more insight into this.

What the Island Looked Like

Though Lutari Island is currently unaccessible, a kind user was nice enough to send us a picture of what the Island looked like when it was open:

Thanks to JordanPwnsPaige for sending us the image!

Written by bike4fun
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