Rubbish Dump


Just outside of Meri Acres Farm is a big pile of rubbish - it's where people go to get rid of stuff that has started to smell SO bad they don't want to be near it any more. Have a look through, you may find some exciting stuff... or you may just find dung... or a packet of gravel. Not too exiting. Anyway, the rubbish dump is kind of like the money tree except a bit dirtier and smellier, with a lot less items.


Usually you'll only find junk in the dump, but every so often, you could find a codestone, a faerie, or even a paintbrush! But those are very rare. There are also a few items (13 to be exact) that can only be found at the dump:

These items are basically junk.

These are a little more rare.

These items are very rare, and can actually be worth quite a lot!


An avatar was released for the Rubbish Dump and it is achieved by picking up an item that is not considered junk, such as an apple core, bottled faeries, petpets etc.


While you are browsing the dump, you may run across someone donating something. These are random and aren't real people. Some common donors are: King Skarl, Somebody Mysterious, Somebody Smelly, The Dung Faerie, yourself (?!?), another user that is browsing the dump, the Meridell Castle Cleaners, a farmer, a stable hand, a passing faerie, and a passing Meerca.

Note: If you see yourself or someone you know as a donator, realize that you did not lose any items, your name was just randomly picked to donate something.
Written by Ryan
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