Healing Springs

Don't you wish there was a place where you could take your Neopets to heal their wounds, get fed to bursting, or be cured from any disease known to man (plus some only known to Pteri)? Well there is such a place, with a very nice faerie who could do any of those things for you free of charge every 30 minutes. It's called the Healing Springs and is open to any Neopet, any time! Let's learn more about it!

There are actually quite a few things that can happen to you, all thanks to that wonderful Water Faerie, all listed below.

Heal your Pets

Imagine that! You can get your pet's hitpoints healed at the Healing Springs! That's an odd twist! Your pets could either have their health completely restored, or gain a random amount of hitpoints. How many of your pets are healed is also random, usually one or all though.

The Water Faerie says a few magical words and...

[Your Pet] is fully healed!!!

Feed your Pets

Well, your pets aren't fed in the classic sense, more like a line of text saying they are full. We're currently looking into the physics of this phenomenon and will get back to you soon. It's quite helpful though if you're not one for buying food.

The Water Faerie says a few magical words and...

[Your Pet]regains their hit points, and is not hungry any more!!!

Cure your Pets

By far one of the most helpful things she can do for you if you don't have enough money to buy some of the more expensive cures and cure your pet. You can come here 48 times a day (for the really desperate) and eventually your pet will be cured. Make sure your sick pet is also your active pet though, or your efforts will be in vain.

Give you a Potion/Snowball

Most of the items that you can receive only sell on the shop wizard for around 10 NP, but they are quite useful for healing your pets between battles at the Battledome. The potions and snowballs you receive are listed below. You may even get a poison snowball, a bit of an odd thing to get from somewhere that heals pets...
Note: All potions cannot be used in the Battledome unless otherwise stated.

Image Name # HP Healed
Healing Potion I 1
Healing Potion II 2
Healing Potion III 3
Lime Elixir
Healing Potion IV 5
Ubikiberry Elixir
Juicy Elixir
Healing Potion V 8
Pale Elixir
Healing Potion VI 10
Healing Potion VII 12
Healing Potion VIII 15
Puce Elixir
Healing Potion IX 20
Healing Potion X 25
Healing Potion XI 35
Healing Potion XII 45
Dewberry Reviver 175
Bubbling Healing Goo 200
Super Strength Healing Potion 225
Essence of Everlasting Apple 250
Poison Snowball n/a
Wet Snowball n/a
Sticky Snowball n/a
Icy Snowball n/a
Peach Snowball n/a
Exploding Snowball n/a

All of these items, with the exception of the Puce Elixir, are also available in the Healing Springs Shop, which is different from most other shops in Neopia. It will always have its items in stock, but you can only buy an item once every 30 minutes, just like the healing part of the fountain. Unfortunately, due to huge amounts of potions being given away, the prices of the potions are a rip off compared to Shop Wizard prices.

No Way!!!Trying to get healing while in battle eh? Come back later!

Oh yeah, don't visit the Healing Springs if you're in the Battledome.

Written by Ryan
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