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NP Ratio: 2.22
2220 pts :: 1000 NP


This game has no cheats; it's all about pure concentration, skill, and luck! Your mission is to go for as long as possible, avoiding the mud, stumps, and pointed grass. Collect the berries to earn more points!

Instructions & Controls

To maneuver yourself around, you can press the right arrow key to go faster. You can press the left arrow key to go slower. Finally, you can press the up arrow key to jump over things.

Here are the types of difficulty on this game:

  • Easy - Not recommended for playing. It goes too slow and does not give you that many points.
  • Medium - Recommended for beginners. You get about 2 points per second, which is okay.
  • Hard - Recommended for scoring/NP. However, practice on Medium. When you're comfortable with the game, switch to Hard and try and earn big points. There isn't too much difference between each difficulty except speed and points per second. If you want to score the most points, play on Hard.

Here is the scoring system...

Berry Easy Medium Hard

1 point 2 points 3 points

2 points 4 points 6 points

4 points 8 points 12 points

8 points 16 points 24 points

15 points 30 points 45 points

25 points 50 points 75 points

50 points 100 points 150 points

Juicy Berry
75 points 150 points 225 points

100 points 200 points 300 points

200 points 400 points 600 points

Be sure to keep in mind which berries are good to get and others that are not.

Tips & Strategy

Like I said before, it is recommended that you choose the Medium mode (if you're a beginner). Practice a bit and do not send your score. When you're comfortable with the game and know which berries are which, you can switch to Hard mode and try and get some big points.

Be sure to always go full speed regardless of what mode you're in. You can increase your speed by pressing the right arrow key. Numerous times throughout the course, there will be stumps, mud, and pointed grass and an order to jump over those and clear them completely, you must be going full speed.

When jumping, you will achieve the best results if you jump from right on the top of the large hills. Jumping when you just get to the roots of the large tree stumps is also best for getting over said stumps.

This game is truly about being quick on your feet. Remember, practice makes perfect. :)


We've learned how to maneuver ourselves around the level. We've learned which berries are which. We've also learned other various techniques to maximize our scores. Good luck!

Written by Ian
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