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The Daily Dare is a games competition TNT rans through the month of March! Every day in March you have a chance to prove your gaming skills against the master himself... or his little sister, Abigail. If you can beat their scores, you'll win special prizes! AAA and Abigail challenged users to a different game each day!

The Strategy

Before choosing who you want to challenge, play the game as best you can, if you get over AAA's score, challenge him. If you don't and don't think that you can, challenge Abigail, even if you can't beat her score, you have nothing to lose. Try reading our guides for the game that you're playing, they'll help you, hopefully enough to beat AAA.


The Games

Below, all the games, prizes, and links have been listed for archival purposes. See for yourself below! The prizes box was updated daily as we got the information. Hover your mouse over the items to see their names. Links that are red are links to game guides on TDN.

Day Game Abigail's Score AAA's Score Prizes (Abigail | AAA)
1 Destruct-O-Match II 400 2500 Destruct-O-MunchDestruct-O-Match Stepping Stones
2 Meerca Chase II 100 700 Candy Negg AssortmentMeerca Chase II Plushie
3 Dubloon Disaster 75 1200 Dubloon BankLimited Edition Platnum Plated Y9 Commemorative Dubloon
4 Scourge of the Lab Jellies 300 2500 Scourge of the Lab Jellies Home VersionLab Jelly Plushies
5 Itchy Invasion 100 800 Petpetpet-B-GonePetpetpet Travel Cage
6 Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway 350 1500 Genuine Volcano Run II Lava Rock Good Luck CharmLava Fountain
7 Attack of the Revenge 150 750 Wooden Sword Practice SetBucket o Water
8 Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars 150 800 Evil Fuzzle Smartbomb ToyEvil Fuzzle Walkerbot Action Figure
9 Turmac Roll 175 800 Turmac RollsTurmac Bread Box
10 Hasee Bounce 50 200 Doughnutfruit SandwichOrange Hasee Plushie
11 Wingoball 125 700 Wingoball Bouncy BallGnome Hat Plant
12 Snowmuncher 500 4000 Snowmuncher SaladSnowmuncher Side Table
13 Attack of the Gummy Dice 300 2000 Gummy Dice BlocksGummy Blocks Executive Desk Toy
14 Sophie's Stew 75 400 Sophie's bowl of StewSophie's Cookbook
15 Bouncy Supreme 300 1250 Lava CupcakeLava Pit
16 Extreme Herder 40 100 Samrin Doglefox PlushieHerder Paddock
17 Whack-A-Kass 150 450 Whack-A-Kass Home GameWhack-A-Kass Windsock
(US residents)
The Last Mimzy Pair Compare 125 400 Snowbunny Bouncy BallStrawberry Snowbunny Plushie
18 Ice Cream Machine 750 7500 Ice Cream Machine SundaeIce Cream Machine Poster
19 Meepit vs. Feepit 300 1500 Meepit Veggie SandwichFeepit Garden Statue
20 Jubble Bubble 125 800 Jubble Bubble BallPurple Garden Coral
21 MAGAX: Destroyer II 300 1500 Dark Chocolate MAGAXMAGAX Action Figure
22 Freaky Factory 205 800 Toy SpeakerGrundo Thieving Tools
23 Ugga Smash 120 450 Ugga Repair WrenchUgga Marbleshield
(US residents)
The Last Mimzy Investi-Catch 200 50 Green Magnifing GlassToy Detective Kit
24 Snowball Fight 150 500 Cozy Red Snow JumperSnowy Stone Wall
25 Igloo Garage Sale - The Game 200 800 Carassas CoatMika Poster
26 Faerie Cloud Racers 200 750 Fire Faerie Cloud Racers T-ShirtCloud Racer Mechanic
27 Kiko Match II 100 500 Kiko Match ErasersKiko Match Home Version
28 Meepit Juice Break 350 2000 Meepit JuicePipe Puzzle
29 Eye of the Storm 500 2500 Cyodrakes Gaze SpyglassFinding Cyodrakes Gaze
30 Faerie Bubbles 300 1000 Faerie Bubble BraceletFaerie Bubble Blower
31 Volcano Run II 200 750 Molten MeltFiery Bouncy Ball

Additional Prizes

There are also additional prizes you can win for competing against AAA and Abigail. They are outlined below:

  • The Ultimate Prize - Defeat AAA on the launch day of all 31 games.
  • Uberiffic - Defeat AAA or Abigail on the launch day of all 31 games.
  • Megasuperb - Defeat AAA at all 31 games by the end of the Daily Dare's 31st day.
  • Spifftastic - Defeat AAA or Abigail at all 31 games by the end of the Daily Dare's 31st day.
Category Prize
The Ultimate Prize Defeating the Master
Uberiffic Carnival Of Terror Guide Book
Megasuperb Game Guide: Volcano Run
Spifftastic Bumper Cars Guide Book


Overall, this is quite simple (except for winning the games :P) just click where you want to go and play the games. Simple and fun!

Written by Ryan
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