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Oh no! The Meepits are thirsty and its up to you to feed them their Juppie Juice! Unfortunately, there is a maze of pipes between the juice and the Meepits so you are going to need to rearrange them to make a path for the juice to flow to the Meepits. To make things even harder, you have to get the Meepits its juice within a certain time limit. Meepits get mad when they don't have their juice!

Game play & Controls

All you need for this game is your mouse. Simple eh! Just click on a pipe to turn it 90 degrees.

(error: the red meepits are in fact your remaining lifes!)


There are seven different colours that the Meepits can be. You can feed them any colour of juice if you like, but you get a lot more points if you feed them the juice that is the same colour as they are. If you know basic colour mixing, like red + blue = purple, you should be okay with this part of the game. Also, pink is made up of all three colours, just in the Meepit Universe.


There are three bonus fruits that you will find in this game:

+10 points
+25 points
-10 points

Although they do increase (or decrease) your score by quite a bit, don't fret about getting them, if you can then that's great, but don't go out of your way and risk losing a life just to get them.

Tips and Strategies

Again, with almost all games... practice makes perfect. Once you learn to see patterns you'll get faster and get more points. One of the best strategies is to get as many pipes filled with juice as you can. You'll see that above each Meepit is the amount of time you have left to give it its juice. In the early levels, you'll find that you will be able to get the Meepit its juice way before the time is up, but don't do that! If you only have one more pipe to turn to feed the Meepit, go back and say to yourself "How can I connect more pipes to the juice?" Then fill as many pipes as you can before the time is almost up and give the juice to the Meepit getting you way more points.

If you can, and have plenty of time, try to use every pipe on the board to feed the Meepit its juice, this will give you the maximum amount of points for the pipes, plus an additional "Super Bonus" of 50 points!

super bonus

Extra Stuff

There are three cheats that you can use in this game and they are quite helpful.

meepits or hungrymeepits - gives you an extra life
juice-o-matic -
resets all the Meepit's timers.

Guess who's in this game! Yep thats right, its The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy... or Oscar, whichever you prefer. You can find him in this game by clicking on the green Meepit's eye.


Well that's pretty much all you need to know about how to feed little Meepits juice... keep playing and you'll be well on your way to the avatar or a high score in no time!


Written by Ryan
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