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When TNT updated their news page for January 20th and 21st of 2007, no one was expecting to see this new game so quickly. From there the help sites went crazy (along with TDN) trying to figure out what the new score for the avatar was going to be. A couple days later, January 23rd, 2007 to be exact, the old MAGAX: Destroyer game was "dragged screaming into the Game Graveyard ..." according to TNT. Thus officially bringing us into the new and improved MAGAX: Destroyer II!

Controls & Instructions

While playing the game, you use your arrow keys to roam around. To move up and down use the up and down arrow keys. To fly faster, press and hold down the left or right arrow key, depending on the direction you are currently heading. When shooting your laser, press the space bar.

Your main objective is the eliminate a certain amount of Scorchios (number depending on which level, see chart below). Once you have eliminated all the Scorchios for that level, you will be automatically taken to the next level. Yes, it is that easy.

  • Level: Displays your current level.
  • Score: Displays your current score.
  • Destroyed: Displays how many Scorchios you have eliminated out of how many you need to eliminate total in your current level.
  • Power: Displays if you have power to shoot your laser. Each time you shoot your laser, it will go down a little. When you're roaming around it will automatically go back up.
  • Health: Displays your health level. When this runs out, you will die, and the game will end.

Tips & Strategies

This is the blue Wocky that you are controlling and using to eliminate your targets. If you don't like flying to the right, you can fly to the left instead!


To collect your health bonus, just fly right through it, and your health will go up a little. It is best to do your best to save these until you really need them. Meaning if your health is all the way full, don't collect it, until later. You get no points for collecting these. The health bonus doesn't show at all in levels 9 and 10.

If you are on fire, collecting a health bonus will immediately put out the fire.

Mini Jubjub

These Mini Jubjubs will make the difference if you are attempting to get on the high score table. Each Mini Jubjub is worth 1 point.


There are the things you have to eliminate in order to get to the next level. They can hurt you and are each worth 10 points. As the levels increase, more shots are needed to kill a Scorchio.


These also will make the difference when attempting for the avatar or the high score table. You MUST eliminate most of them for the avatar, and ALL of them to get on the high score table. Each Cybunny is worth 20 points.

Hubrid Nox!

If you don't eliminate the Cybunnies fast enough, they will turn into Hubrid Nox! He will shoot out a fire ball somewhere towards you, which can set you on fire (which will not hurt you, but will make you unable to shoot for about 10 seconds). It is best to turn and go the other direction as soon as you see Hubrid Nox. He cannot be hit by your laser, and are worth no points.

On Fire

If you happen to get hit by a fire ball, you will look like this. This will make you temporarily unable to shoot, so the best thing to do is stay off to the side and avoid anything coming your way. You will not lose any points for getting hit, which is a good thing! :)

Playing for the Avatar/High Score

One of the most important things to remember is that you MUST eliminate everything you come across in order to achieve the avatar/high score. Those little Jubjubs are what makes the difference in high scores. When you have only one Scorchio left to kill, fly all the way through the level to find and kill some Jubjubs (though not all levels have Jubjubs). Remember, if you want the avatar, you must submit a score of 3,500 points or higher. ;)

Fact Chart

Levels Score Scorchios Cybunnies Mini Jubjubs
1 180 8 5 Random
2 400 10 6 Random
3 660 12 7 Random
4 960 14 8 Random
5 1,300 16 9 Random
6 1,720 20 11 Random
7 2,220 24 13 Random
8 2,800 28 15 Random
9 3,460 32 17 Random
10 4,280 40 21 Random


Just like in the last game the music is extremely annoying, be sure to turn at least the music off at the beginning of the game, I prefer both the music and the sound off, but that is up to you. I am just recommending the music.

The KEY to this game is the take your time, it takes at least 1 hour to get all the way through level 10 and beat the game. Breaks in between levels can help, especially since your eyes become tired. Focus on shooting down one enemy at a time, and always remember to have fun. Good luck.

Written by Superfly
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