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About Shenkuu

Team Shenkuu is a middle tier team at best with their performances ranging from mid-level to bottom of the ladder finishes.

Shenkuu's stars have only been dipping in the recent past with them finishing lower and lower on the finals table.

Download team song in MP3 Download team song in Ogg

Song credit: Fajing Spirit by Butterfly Tea (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 )

Team Avatar

To show your support for your chosen team, an avatar has been released. Upon obtaining Rank 1 in your personal standings the avatar will become unlocked. This avatar is only available for use during the Altador Cup season.

Go Ninjas!


Shenkuu's default Yooyuball Formation: 1+3

Team Captain
Mirsha Grelinek
Name: Mirsha Grelinek
Species: Gnorbu (Female)
Position: Left Forward
Strengths: Scoring, Running Plays, Speed
Weaknesses: Consistency, Strength
Xana DiLanche Name: Xana DiLanche
Species: Lutari (Female)
Position: Goalkeeper
Strengths: Energy, Quickness, Good Hands
Weaknesses: Inexperience, Nerves
Timu Name: Timu
Species: Lupe (Female)
Position: Centre Defender
Strengths: Guarding, Tenacity, Craftiness
Weaknesses: Scoring
Antola Maeir Name: Antola Maeir
Species: Zafara (Male)
Position: Left Defender
Strengths: Blocking, Jumping, Speed
Weaknesses: Easily fooled, Consistency
Larcy Phu Name: Larcy Phu
Species: Grundo (Male)
Position: Right Defender
Strengths: Tenacity, Craftiness, Tackling
Weaknesses: Dirty play

Cup History

Altador Cup I
Did Not Participate

Altador Cup II
Place: 3rd

Altador Cup III
Place: 4th

Altador Cup IV
Place: 2nd

Altador Cup V
Place: 11th

Altador Cup VI
Place: 10th

Altador Cup VII
Place: 16th

Altador Cup VIII
Place: 13th

Altador Cup IX
Place: 15th

Altador Cup X
Place: 11th

Altador Cup XI
Place: 8th

Altador Cup XII
Place: 11th

Altador Cup XIII
Place: 12th

Altador Cup XIV
Place: 14th

Altador Cup XV
Place: 8th

Altador Cup XVI
Place: 12th

Team Loyalty Prizes

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Jul 17: 11 OR 12 AM/PM NST
Obelisk War: Truce
Next cycle: 4d, 0h, 49m
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