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The Altador Cup is a popular yearly event by Neopian Veterans and Newcomers. The cup normally runs throughout the month of June with sign-ups beginning towards the end of May. There is much anticipation leading up to the cup as Neopians choose which of the 18 teams they wish to support and play for throughout the tournament. To get the most out of the cup, it is important to know a few things.


How To Rank Up

Progression in the Altador Cup is made by playing one, or a combination, of the Cup-themed games to increase your rank. Ranks begin at 0 and go all the way to Rank 20, which is also more commonly known as All-Star. Although Rank 20 is the highest displayed rank, you can continue ranking up after reaching this milestone; many die-hard players strive to reach double or triple All-Star each year.

Each game offers a different amount of points towards your rank (shown below), so it is up to you how you wish to rank up to get the most coveted prizes at the end of the tournament!

NOTE: Obtaining All-Star will not get you enough prize shop points to purchase the most expensive prizes, so don't be afraid to continue playing after reaching All-Star rank!

Tracking Your Rank

Neopets offers a live in-game rank tracker directly on the Colosseum home page and it is also displayed beside all Altador Cup games you play, so you can track your wins with ease as soon as you send your score.

Of course, the higher your rank, the more points you will earn for the prize shop so get playing!

Points Needed and Game Caps

In order for games to qualify, a particular score needs to be sent. Sending a lower score than required will not help your team or increase your rank. Each game has a cap on it. This helps to ensure a more fair gameplay throughout the tournament. Once you've reached the cap for the game you've been playing that day, additional scores will not add to your total. Reaching your cap will stop you from using that game, but you can continue playing the other games. Please refer to the table below:

GameRequired ScoreGame CapPrize Shop Points

1 Win or 1 Draw 46 Games 4 points for a Draw.
12 points for a Win.

Slushie Slinger
270 Points 86 Games 6 points per game.

Make Some Noise
2,700 Points 401 Games 1 point per game.

Shootout Showdown
1 Goal 401 Games 1 point per game.

Bonus Points on Games

Bonus Points Throughout the tournament, each of the four games will be chosen as the bonus game. When a game is selected to be the bonus that day, you'll see the image to the right on the top left corner of the game. This is shown below. By playing a game with bonus points being awarded, you are assisting your team more. How this works, is your team will receive bonus points on the scores you send in. Playing the bonus game will not help you rank up faster. While playing a game that has the bonus points activated you will see the image below on the right, just above your personal ranks stats on the game page.

Practice Days

During the Altador Cup, there will be Practice Days (originally known as Bye Days). These days are essentially break days from the tournament. On these days you will not be able to increase your rank. You can however still win neopoints for the first three plays of each game (YYB, SoSD, SlSl & MSN) as usual. Practice Days are typically held on the Sundays that run through the tournament (Exact date vary depending on the start of AC).

Sign-up Bonus Prizes

Sign-ups for the Altador Cup usually open about 2 weeks before the Cup starts. During this time, players are able to practice the games and get ready for the month-long tournament. Points are not awarded to your team and you will not be able to increase your rank until the Cup starts. The exciting part is getting a special prize for being a dedicated participant in the Altador Cup. In addition to these prizes, you can also get a Team Loyalty Prize. These prizes are listed on each team's page.

The bonus prizes for joining the Altador Cup are a bit different. The prize you receive is for the number of cups you have previously participated in. We've outlined these prizes below.

1 Previous Altador Cup
Altador Cup Through the Ages
Altador Cup Through the Ages
2 Previous Altador Cups
Altador Cup Colosseum Archway
Altador Cup Colosseum Archway
4 Previous Altador Cups
Altador Cup V Competition Torch
Altador Cup V Competition Torch
5 Previous Altador Cups
Yooyu Garden Pond
Yooyu Garden Pond
6 Previous Altador Cups
Discarded Yooyuball Gear Foreground
Discarded Yooyuball Gear Foreground
7 Previous Altador Cups
View of Altador Background
View of Altador Background
8 Previous Altador Cups
Altador Cup Bunting
Altador Cup Bunting
10 Previous Altador Cups

AC Themed Luxury Lounge
11 Previous Altador Cups
Mysterious Vibrant Collectable Scarab
Mysterious Vibrant Collectable Scarab
12 Previous Altador Cups
Plushie Yooyu
Plushie Yooyu
14 Previous Altador Cups

Altador Cup Dream Parade Background
15 Previous Altador Cups

The Great Golden Slushie
16 Previous Altador Cups

Front Row at the Altador Cup Background
17 Previous Altador Cups

Altador Cup Neon Sign

In addition to being awarded one of these bonus prizes, the Altador Cup Site Theme will become unlocked. The same one is released every year, so if you've gotten it previously the notification can serve as a reminder that you have it. To learn more about site themes and to preview them, visit our guide.

Updated for the 2024 Altador Cup

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