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About Meridell

Another high tier team that had a good outing in last year's tournament is Team Meridell.

While the team's fourth position finish in the tournament was worth rejoicing after its no-shows in the previous years, experts are of the opinion that Meridell is more than capable of a podium finish if they play all of their matches with consistency and focus.

Download team song in MP3 Download team song in Ogg

Song credit: Mountains of Gold by World Beyond (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 )

Team Avatar

To show your support for your chosen team, an avatar has been released. Upon obtaining Rank 1 in your personal standings the avatar will become unlocked. This avatar is only available for use during the Altador Cup season.

Go Knights!


Meridell's default Yooyuball Formation: 3+1

Team Captain
Name: "Wizard" Windelle
Species: Techo (Male)
Position: Centre Forward
Strengths: Passing, Running Plays, Intelligence
Weaknesses: Scoring, Blocking
Yoris Obbles Name: Yoris Obbles
Species: JubJub (Male)
Position: Goalkeeper
Strengths: Energy, Stamina, Toughness
Weaknesses: Athletic IQ, Inexperience
Ilsa Ellits Name: Ilsa Ellits
Species: Ixi (Male*)
Position: Centre Defender
Strengths: Passing, Tackling, Thoughness
Weaknesses: Scoring
Fiorina Name: Fiorina
Species: Eyrie (Female)
Position: Right Forward
Strengths: Scoring, Stealing the ball, Toughness
Weaknesses: Tackling, Versatility
Gregorio Maille Name: Ethel Boortz
Species: Ixi (Female)
Position: Left Forward
Strengths: Toughness, Scoring, Tackling
Weaknesses: Experience, Speed

Cup History

Altador Cup I
Eliminated: Round 2

Altador Cup II
Place: 8th

Altador Cup III
Place: 5th

Altador Cup IV
Place: 11th

Altador Cup V
Place: 8th

Altador Cup VI
Place: 5th

Altador Cup VII
Place: 3th

Altador Cup VIII
Place: 6th

Altador Cup IX
Place: 9th

Altador Cup X
Place: 8th

Altador Cup XI
Place: 4th

Altador Cup XII
Place: 4th

Altador Cup XIII
Place: 2nd

Altador Cup XIV
Place: 6th

Altador Cup XV
Place: 2nd

Altador Cup XVI
Place: 10th

Team Loyalty Prizes

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