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About Kreludor

With respect from the oppositions and support from their fans, Team Kreludor enjoys the best of both worlds. They come into AC XIII as one of the strong contenders thanks to their podium finish in last year's tournament.

Talk is rife about a possible player change but one wonders, why change what isn't broken?

Download team song in MP3 Download team song in Ogg

Song credit: Computer by State Shirt (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 )

Team Avatar

To show your support for your chosen team, an avatar has been released. Upon obtaining Rank 1 in your personal standings the avatar will become unlocked. This avatar is only available for use during the Altador Cup season.

Go Moons!


Kreludor's default Yooyuball Formation: 3+1

Team Captain
Derlyn Fonnet
Name: Derlyn Fonnet
Species: Gnorbu (Female)
Position: Centre Defender
Strengths: Tackling, Passing, Scoring
Weaknesses: Size, Inexperience
Jurin T. Name: Jurin T.
Species: Ruki (Male)
Position: Goalkeeper
Strengths: Stamina, Athleticism, Reflexes
Weaknesses: Hands, Athletic IQ
Ealyn Hawkshanks Name: Ealyn Hawkshanks
Species: Quiggle (Male)
Position: Centre Forward
Strengths: Running Plays, Passing, Craftiness
Weaknesses: Scoring, Size
Qyldae Wegg Name: Qyldae Wegg
Species: Grundo (Male)
Position: Left Forward
Strengths: Passing, Jumping, Reflexes
Weaknesses: Lack of concentration, Leadership
Zenor Kevix Name: Zenor Kevix
Species: Grundo (Male)
Position: Right Forward
Strengths: Energy, Running Plays, Quickness
Weaknesses: Strength, Size

Cup History

Altador Cup I
Eliminated: Round 1

Altador Cup II
Did Not Participate

Altador Cup III
Place: 6th

Altador Cup IV
Place: 4th

Altador Cup V
Place: 2nd

Altador Cup VI
Place: 3rd

Altador Cup VII

Altador Cup VIII
Place: 8th

Altador Cup IX
Place: 5th

Altador Cup X
Place: 2nd

Altador Cup XI
Place: 12th

Altador Cup XII
Place: 2nd

Altador Cup XIII
Place: 6th

Altador Cup XIV
Place: 4th

Altador Cup XV
Place: 5th

Altador Cup XVI
Place: 2nd

Team Loyalty Prizes

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